Fortnite is the most popular video game on the entire planet currently. The Battle Royale survival game has absolutely exploded, going from 40 million players in January last year to a mouth shattering over 125 million gamers in 2019. The free for all game has become so gigantic that it has pro-am matches that feature celebs like Drake, DJ Marshmello, Pauln George, Designer, Joe Jonas and Demetrious Johnson.


The biggest game in the world has humble begginings though. The Potomac Computer Systems Company was founded by Tim Sweeney in 1991. The 21-year old Sweeney then, was studying mechanical engineering at the University if Maryland. While living in his parents house in Potomac, he created his first game titled ZZT in 1991. The Potomac Computer System’s first video game took Sweeney over a thousand hours over a span of 9 months to create as he programmed in between classes and his lawnmowing job.

His other business venture arose when he borrowed his a tractor from the dad and started his own landscaping company where he made about $25 a month. To purchase the action-adventure puzzle game, customers had to mail a check to Sweeney’s parents’ house and they would receive a computer disk containing the game. He then brought in Mark Reins in 1992 as the company’s vice president who brought with him on to do sales, marketing and deal making.

After two decades of trials and errors with products that they thought would fit the company’s target market, they finally cracked it with Fortnite. This breakthrough has turned over the fortunes of the company immensely with huge profits being raked in.

In April last year alone, Fortnite reportedly generated nearly $300 million worth of in game sales which was their peak month. They even did a partnership with Avengers Infinity War where winners were making $500, 000 a  month playing Fortnite. The company was also predicted to rake in $ 3.5 billion in 2018. So far the company has made over 22 million sales on The Gears of War game and making over $1 billion in revenue. They are set to release yet another Gears of War in 2019 which is set to be a record breaker.


Tim Sweeney’s net-worth is at $7.1 billion as of 2019 according to Forbes Magazine.

This is an inspiring insight of a simple farm boy who became a billionaire from making games. He followed his passion of coding from ever since he was an 11 years old kid.