o-FIGHTING-COUPLE-facebookSometimes, things just don’t work out, and that’s okay. You would think that once you break up with someone, they would be out of your life, but some still find ways to drive you crazy. Here are ten things exes do that make you cringe.

1. Send you random texts at random times about random things. “Hey, what was the name of that song you said you were obsessed with when you were a kid? I just heard it and it reminded me of you.” Stop!

2. Flirt with other girls in front of you. It’s like as soon as you accidentally bump into them somewhere, they start to flirt with anyone and everyone around you…on purpose.

3. Hang out with your friends. Sometimes you don’t mind being friends with an ex, but most of the time, you just want to keep your distance. Sorry, they were mine first.

4. Talk about how awesome you are. They constantly talk to your friends or their friends about how awesome you are.

5. Go out every night. And purposely post pics all over Insta of the awesome they’re having while you’re home bored

6. “Like” your photos on Instagram. Who doesn’t love that awkward feeling when your ex likes your selfie and comments with the heart-eye emoji? Not cool.

7. Do alllll the things you wanted to do when you were dating…with somebody else. You’ve been talking about going to some place, and he always thought it was cheesy, but now he’s posting selfies with his new GF at that particular place. Ugh.

8. Hang out at the amazing coffee shop/pizza place/diner that YOU totally introduced them to. It used to be your favorite spot, and now you can’t even go there anymore because he and his bros took over.

9. Start dating someone you’re friends with. It’s not cool when you have to hear about their relationship 24/7 through mutual friends. Just as uncool?

10. Ask for you back the second you’ve moved on. They wait until they see all your selfies with your new crush to tell you how much they miss you.

Did we miss anything? What are some annoying things your ex has done?

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