Is your acne breakout already ruining your year? Well, you have to understand that acne breakouts have various causes that range from lifestyle practices to genetics and hormonal fluctuations. It’s therefore important to figure out how your skin reacts at various times and to various products so as to try and learn some of the key causes of your acne breakout. Either way, we’ve put together some 10 easy expert tips on how to get rid of your acne problem.

Use a Cotton Face Mask 

Lady wearing a Kenyan branded cotton facemask | IMAGE: COURTESY

In this age of the pandemic, face masks have become an essential part of our daily lives. You can’t go out without a facemask unless you want to risk contracting covid-19. With that, a new cause of acnes known as “MASKNE” has also emerged. Believe you me, its an actual thing! The combination of sweat, germs and the constant rubbing of your mask on your face causes a very specific type of breakout called acne mechanica. The easiest way to avoid this is by switching to a breathable facemask made from natural fibers like cotton or linen.

Make sure to wash all your cleanser 

As much as a cleanser is also a good product in preventing acne breakouts since it helps remove all the makeup, when left on the skin it can be detrimental. Leftover cleanser is all similar to leftover dirt and oil. Once you’re done using your cleanser, make sure you rinse your skin with lukewarm water until it feels clean and smooth.

Wash Your Face Before Bed 

Lay washing her face | IMAGE: COURTESY

Make sure you wash your face for about 30-45 seconds every night before you head to bed. You can also use a slight amount of face wash if you have one. This helps clear all the dirt and oil that has accumulated on your face throughout the day. It also clears any makeup remnants on your face which might be toxic to your skin if they stay for long.

Avoid touching your face all the time 

Woman touching her face | IMAGE: COURTESY

This has been one of the key measures that health officials have been advising to mitigate the virus and it turns out it does even more. In your day to day activities, you are constantly coming into contact with germs and bacteria from various surfaces. Therefore if you touch your face, you transfer all that to your face.

Change your pillowcase regularly 

Sometimes your pillow case might be the root cause of all your breakout problems. Your pillowcase carries all the dirt, sweat and hair product remains from your hair and hands as you use it often. This might then be transferred to your face as you sleep every night. It’s therefore a good idea to change it or clean it quite often.

Wash your makeup brushes regularly 

Before and After of a washed makeup brush | IMAGE: COURTESY

If you are a makeup enthusiast who cant go out without makeup then this is definitely for you. From makeup brushes to makeup sponges, these items usually accumulate a lot bacteria which can lead to breakouts. Therefore make sure you wash them regularly with brush cleanser or baby shampoo.

Get adequate sleep

Staying up late watching your favorite series or movies isn’t healthy for your skin. Lack of enough sleep often raises your body stress levels which can cause a breakout. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night to look your best.

Stop crowding your face! Slow down on the Skin Care Routine

Using too many products and skin care routines on your face might end up irritating your skin. Trying a bunch of remedies at the same time definitely doesn’t work. Too much of something is usually poisonous. In certain scenarios it blows the breakout out of proportion and turns the tiny pimples into huge red sores all over your face. Therefore use a moderate number of products and stick to a simple routine.

Clean your Phone!

Cleaning mobile devices essentials | IMAGE: COURTESY

Your phone picks up a lot of bacteria when on your hand or on the table which can be easily transferred onto your cheeks. That’s why some people often have pimples around their cheeks and not the rest of their face. Wipe your phone with an antibacterial often to get rid of the germs.


Wash your face in the morning, ALWAYS!

This might sound cliché but yep, its true, some people don’t wash their face in the morning. A morning face wash helps clear your skin from the dirt and oil absorbed from sweat and your beddings all night. It also brightens you up in the morning.