Michelle Ngugi, commonly, known as Mishu is the chic who caused a fuss on our FB page yesterday after guys learned that she’s ventured into the music industry at only 17 years old! What’s more fascinating is that the chic does reggae music despite being from Aga Khan Academy; a school that many believe might not embrace such a genre of music.Mishu with iQru's David

However, everyone was quick to ask on who she is and what she has done. Now to answer all your queries, here are some quick facts about this lass:
1. She is a 10th year student at Aga Khan Academy
2. She describes herself as ‘The Lionness of Reggae music’
3. Her love for reggae music came from her brother who used to listen to Bob Marley’s music
4. She has done a song called ‘Downtown’ produced by Jamaica’s Washroom Entertainment

5. She loves chatting a lot with her fellow peeps from the Carribean Island
6. Other than music, she does spoken word
7. She also listens to Hip Hop and House music
8. Her favorite male reggae artistes are Buju Banton and Shabba Ranks while her favorite female reggae artistes are Etana and Queen Ifrica
9. She loves to meditate using reggae music
10. Would wish to work with Nazizi (locally) and either Chronixx, Queen Ifrica or Tarrus Riley (Internationally)

PS: She performed at The XTR Talent Rollout event by the Insyder at Braeburn School.

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By David Ng’ang’a