There are many occasions for gift giving, birthdays, Christmas, valentines, and the best one is “just because”. Every year, however, gifts we present have become way too common. It is time to think different; you need to give something special. The gift that you give must make his moments memorable. It is not that hard to impress your guy with a gift anymore. If you are confused with what should you pick and what you shouldn’t, here are few ideas to check out. Guys don’t like you to spend a lot of money on them because they feel like they have to reciprocate!Unique-loving-Gift-for-Your-Boyfriend

1. Designer Label Spray
Just like we girlies don’t forget to wear accessories and perfume, same applies for the guys. Whenever, they step out, they make sure that they run little gel on their hairs and spray good perfume, Axe being the most common. Get your boy a designer label perfume, like Gucci. A casual-wear fragrance and one would certainly feel happy opening this branded gift. Get a spray has a nice fragrance and even lasts long. Make your goy the envy of his peers.

2. Phone/iPod covers
Most guys are into gadgets, as such many already own top notch phones and iPods. What you can do is get them a personalised cover for their gadgets. Many printing houses in town have such facilities. Perhaps with their fave singers/actors

3. Make a collage
Take quotes from all the letters you have written to your boyfriend during the time you have dated. Remember to also include the little things you say to each other. Arrange the quotes like a collage on colourful paper and attach a new letter to the collage. Most guys don’t like to show their feelings, but this is such a personal gift, he will absolutely love it. It also shows creativity and effort. What you can do is frame the collage once you are done.

4. An iTunes Gift Card
This is a great birthday gift for a guy. Everyone can always use some new music for their iPod and best of all, you can choose the amount you want to spend!

Valentine-Day-Present-Ideas-Boyfriend5. An Alphabet Book
This is also home-made. For each letter, jot down a memory you both shared. You could also note down a reason why you love/care for them. He is gonna love it

6. Portable Charger
Guys are usually fond of electronic gadgets and toys. It is something they worship day and night. But with frequent usage, obviously the battery is going to drain down quickly. Yeah, they can charge it instantly but what if they are out somewhere? They need something useful and portable right? This is when this gift comes to play.

7. Gaming console/Games
Every guy would love playing with a play station, wii or X-box. If your boyfriend is a not a serious gamer, chances are that he might not have one for himself. You could get him one of these consoles, they are quite pricy though. If he does have one, you could but him an original game compatible with his console. The games also not so cheap, but it is worth the smile you give him after he opens the gift. You could also get him a new controller. He will go crazy and adore you.

8. Surprise Birthday Party
Even though this serves as one of the best surprising birthday gift ideas for boyfriend — to make it happen — you will need some help from your friends as well. Discuss with them and plan for a surprise bash. While planning the events, make sure everything goes according to your boyfriend’s interest and preferences. You may also involve his parents for location and some help on getting the snacks and food for the party.

9. Personalized CDs
We are of a digital age, as such our gifts these days reflect that. Gift your boyfriend with a CD loaded with different sorts of media that shows your interest in relationship. Fill the CD with pictures, love quotes, movies you both saw first or stories that impressed you. Just anything that stands out and you love about your relationship.

10. Bake for him
my -heart- is takenThey say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. You can buy a cake or cookies, but a cake made by you, specifically for him will make him feel extra special. You can get a simple cake recipe, gather all the necessary ingredients and start preparing a yummy cake, or cookies. Don’t forget to decorate it. If possible, try making a few of his favourite dishes apart from the cake. On the other hand, if you are not an expert in cooking or probably feel that you will spoil everything then make a simple dessert or just get him a special cake and do the makeover. Sharing delicious meals with him creates a memorable moment, which cannot be easily forgotten. This also shows you have skills in the kitchen and you care about what he likes.

When all is said and done, gaming, money, girls, gadgets, cars and food are things guys go mad after. Try one or few of these gift ideas for boyfriend and make him feel how worthy the occasion is. Memorable gifts always strengthen the love and affection in your relationship.

By Zahra