1. Jon and Daenerys rule in tandem This is one of the happiest endings everyone is hoping for. Despite the incest and the potential rivalry, we’re definitely going to be seeing some romance in Game of Thrones’ final season. Jon Snow had a bit of dry spell after Ygritte (RIP), but now he’s back at it with ‘aunty’ Daenerys Targaryen. Since the Season 7 finale showed these two leaders getting hot between the sheets, it seems only fitting that they’ll start a more formal relationship heading into the last episodes. It’s not totally crazy to imagine that Jon and Dany will eventually marry each another and attempt to rule side by side. If they defeat all their opponents, then many fans would cheer to see them share that Iron Throne. Unfortunately, this feels way too easy for a series like Game of Thrones. The show has always gloried realism, so a traditional happy ending comes off as pretty far-fetched.

  1. Bran is the Night King Bran Stark has been a subject of various theories within the GoT sequel. But the question is; what role will he play at the end? The most popular theory is actually that Bran Stark is the Night King. So we know Bran can travel through time, and that he can warg into people. This theory suggests that Bran, desperate to stop the White Walkers, will travel back to the time of Aerys “the Mad King” Targaryen, get inside his head, and plant the idea to manufacture wildfire and unite the armies of the living against the undead threat to the north. Only it fails and Aerys goes crazy. Then Bran wargs into the famed Bran the Builder from the Age of Heroes and actually builds the wall. Only we know the Night King eventually knocks that down, so that the plan doesn’t work either. Finally, Bran will travel back in time and warg into the body of the human who eventually becomes the Night King, only now he’s gone back so many times he can’t leave, and he gets stuck in that body. Remember what the Three-Eyed Raven told him in Season 6: “It is beautiful beneath the sea, but if you stay too long, you’ll drown”.
  2. Cersei retains the Iron Throne Cersei is putting it all on the line and hoping to come out on top. She’s got a lot of scary armoured shoulder pads, a mercenary army on the way, and a takeno-prisoners attitude, all of it bearing witness to her fitness as the supreme leader of Westeros. But can she come out on the other end of this fight still on the Iron Throne? She has quite the task ahead of her. Sure, she’s hoping that the Jon and Dany’s armies will destroy the White Walkers and vice versa, but as Jaime pointed out, it’s not that simple. Whoever wins that battle, they’re coming for Cersei next. So it’s hard to think of a scenario where Cersei triumphs, but she’s clawed her way out of difficult spots before, so let’s use our imaginations. If Dany and Jon defeat the White Walkers, they may indeed come south, but they may be greatly weakened, and hopefully minus a couple dragons. Under those circumstances, the Golden Company might be enough to best them. If the Night King wins,well, that’s trickier, but Cersei is nothing if not resourceful. Hopefully she has a lot more wildfire stored away somewhere.
  3. Ice and Fire This theory is derived from the title of the book series, “A song of the Ice and Fire.” The prophecy about Azor Ahai still remains relevant in Season 8. “There will come a day after a long summer when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world. In this dread hour, a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him.” Azor Ahai was a legendary hero who lived during the Long Nights. He forged a special sword from fire to prevent darkness from taking over the world. He later plunged the sword into his wife. Melisandre, the red witch believed that Jon Snow is the promised Azor Ahai. It is believed that to kill the Nights King, they will have to remove the dragon stone from his heart. The white walkers will no longer be under his control but they will still remain the undead. Jon Snow will have to put his sword through Daenerys’ heart and make her the Nights Queen. She will then match to the south with her army of the undead. She will rule the far North and Jon will rule the South. Hence Ice and Fire come together. Although we will watch Daenerys die, this might be one of the most epic ending everyone wins.
  4. Tyrion rules Westeros Tyrion Lannister has been a major character since the beginning, and he’s an old hand at ruling. It’s not totally crazy to suggest that the character of “cripples, bastards and broken things” will rule the Seven Kingdoms at the end of everything, but it’s pretty optimistic. There’s a long-standing theory that holds that Tywin Lannister hated his youngest child not just because he killed his mother during birth but also because he was a product of Aerys “the Mad King” Targaryen. It’s mentioned in the books that Aerys had a thing for Joanna, and he just might be crazy enough to act on it. That would then give us another angle on the exhaustively complex Tyrion-Tywin relationship, and it would mean that Tyrion has Targaryen blood. Given his experience, Tyrion is already a good pick to rule over a country, but having the Targaryen stamp of approval could give him a legitimate claim, too, a claim he could use if Daenerys and/or Jon Snow die in the struggle against the Night King. Admittedly, this theory feels a bit like a stretch, but it’s a nice thought after all the crap Tyrion has had to endure over the seasons. It would be nice to see him not only survive, but also win.
  5. The Night King kills everyone So Jon and Dany getting happily married and ruling side by side is the happiest ending on the table. What about the flip side? What if the Nights King steamrolls over everyone despite their best efforts and exterminates humanity, or near enough? What if the show goes full bleak? At this point, Cersei is the mad queen. It is possible that she might match to the North. Don’t get excited yet. This is not to help her brother and the rest fight the Nights King but actually to kill them so that she doesn’t have anyone to contest her for the throne. At the end, the people from Westeros will get out numbered. This is how the Night King and his army will win and take over the world. You thought the red wedding was heart breaking? Wait till you see everyone die!
  6. The entire show was a coma dream in the mind of Bran Stark So many Bran theories, so little time. This final, crazy theory takes us all the way back to Season 1. It’s impossible to forget when Bran was thrown from the broken tower in Winterfell. That incident set off a number of disruptive and fascinating events, including Bran’s transition into becoming the Three-Eyed Raven. But what if he never actually woke up from his coma? This theory suggests that Bran has been asleep this whole time. The events of Game of Thrones are, in fact, figments of his active imagination, brought on by hearing so many of Old Nan’s tales throughout his childhood years. And she’s told a lot of tales about everything from warring houses to the terrifying White Walkers of legend. It’s certainly enough to pack a young brain full of fitful dreams. So in this ending, the show would end with Bran jolting awake in bed shaking off Game of Thrones as a weird nightmare. It would, to put it mildly, be a major cop out. Saying “it was all a dream” would definitely be disappointing. Why did we invest in this story for all these years? What was the point? And what happens after Bran wakes up? Time for a spinoff?
  7. NED STARK Returns! This was one of the saddest deaths in the opening season of Game of Thrones. This theory suggests that the man who is beheaded in Season 1 is not Ned, but Jaqen; with Ned’s face. Although it’s been mentioned that the Faceless Men can only change faces with someone who’s dead, which would make it impossible for Jaqen to use Ned’s face to replace him at his execution. That fact contradicts itself at the end of Season 5, when Arya pulls faces off Jaqen and reveals her own face. Seeing as she’s sitting right there, very much alive, we can possibly assume that there are exceptions to this “dead people only” rule. So, it can be argued that when Ned is thrown in the cells beneath the Red Keep before his death, he could have come across Jaqen, who is also imprisoned in these cells. However, it’s weird that Jaqen managed to get himself arrested because a Faceless Man, aka a badass assassin, probably wouldn’t ever wind up in jail by accident. The theory states that Jaqen could have been paid off to get himself arrested to be down in the cells with Ned, which could have very well been organised by the ever-connected Lord Varys, who visits Ned before his execution. This is where Syrio comes in — the fact that Syrio is assumed to have died is a little far-fetched as he’s such a talented sword fighter. Wanting to help Ned in order to help Arya, whom he cared for, he could have gotten away from Ser Meryn and gone down into the cells to release Ned, wearing Jaqen’s face (after he was executed in Ned’s place). Whether he decided to do this on his own or it was arranged by Varys as well, it would explain a lot about Jaqen and Arya’s relationship, mainly why Jaqen says to Arya, “There is only one God, and A Girl knows his name,” which connects with Syrio telling Aria during their training, “There is only one God and his name is Death.” This would be really mind blowing since no one  expects Ned Stark to return.
  8. The Three Headed Dragons The theory of the three headed dragons is drawn from the event when Daenerys was in the House of the Undying. In the house, she has a vision of her brother, Rheagar, saying, “The dragon has three heads.” Daenerys also had three dragons, and the Targaryen sigil features a three-headed dragon. This has built up to the theory that Daenerys will have two other Targaryens accompanying her as she conquers the White Walkers herself. We all know that Jon Snow is a Targaryen and also is Tyron Lannister. This is also solidified by the fact that Tyron calmed the dragons in Mereen when nobody could. He has a Targaryen blood in him.
    1. The Seven Kingdoms go back to being seven kingdoms So we’ve talked about a variety of kings and queens, who could be on the throne at the end of this story, and we’ve talked about the Westerosi giving democracy a try. That’s basically the option between staying the course or moving forward, civilisationally speaking. But there’s a third option: what if Westeros goes backward, and once again becomes a network of feuding kingdoms without a central ruler? There are a bunch of ways this could happen. For instance, what if Jon and Daenerys learn the secret of Jon’s heritage that he’s actually Dany’s nephew and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, and it pushes them apart? At the end of the show, rather than fighting for the throne, perhaps they’d prefer to divide up Westeros among themselves, each ending the show a ruler, but splitting the realm irreconcilably. Or, even worse, what if all the potentially good rulers die in the wars to come, and when the dust has settled, the people of Westeros decide they’d all rather just rule themselves like they did before the Targaryens arrived and united them under one monarch? This would be yet another bleak way to bow out, but to paraphrase a memorable psychopath, if you think this story has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.READ ALSO:NATALINA YEMANE’S 7 TIPS TO GROWING YOUR INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS

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