Frustrating,annoying,unpleasant…name it.I mean,which other words can best describe being a third wheel? Most of us have been through this phase especially when you go out with your bestie who then tags along the boyfriend/girlfriend.And it gets worse the moment they begin showing PDA(Public Displays of Affection) in your presence.?

I bet if you have been a third wheel then you’ll definitely relate to these ten annoyingly painful struggles:

1. You regret going out with them every single time

Damn it!Why did I even agree to go out with him/her,again?When shall I ever learn?

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2. You end up dancing alone at the club or just chilling with your drink as you watch them enjoy the night together 

So what other better thing to do than to fake text or check what your pals are upto on Snapchat.

3. Every time you go out to eat,you find yourself sitting on the other side of the booth.

In other words,this is a polite reminder that you are forever alone.

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4. Splitting the bill is always confusing;two ways or three ways?

19 Struggles Every Third Wheel Knows To Be True

5. During house parties,you no longer become the third wheel but the fifth,seventh or ninth wheel.

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“Ermm,I guess I’m gonna look around for some other single guy who shares in the same agony as myself.”

6. The love birds comfort each other and become too affectionate as you sit there ignored like:

7. Being a witness to their PDA just pisses you off,like honestly..

19 Struggles Every Third Wheel Knows To Be True

At times you even end up questioning your love life.

8. The couple questions/tries to offer advice on your love life:

How does life without a bae feel like? For how long are you gonna be single?

9. Walking with the couple on the streets or in town makes you look like a stray pet

19 Struggles Every Third Wheel Knows To Be True

10. Be assured of one heck of a long ride if you third wheeling at the backseat of a car