If you have no boobs or really small boobs, this post is for you. It’s a serious struggle that most people just don’t understand. Clothes and bras never fit right or look normal, bras that fit are impossible to find, and we get mistaken for children all the time. Ever been told that you were a part of the “Itty Bitty Titty Committee?” I have. (Insert eye roll here.)

But desipite troubles and the harsh words and jokes we recieve, our “boobed” friends think that we have it soooo easy and they claim to be “jealous” of us. But let’s be honest…they aren’t. They look at us and think “thank goodness I have boobs, because that would stink.”

Well, it does stink, but I’ve come to find that once you embrace your lack of boobs, it’s kind of fun to laugh at it. But making fun of yourself isn’t as enjoyable when you don’t have anyone to share it with. So check this out, because you’re bound to relate to these lack-of-boobs problems whether you’ve got ‘em or not.

1. People mistake your ribs for your boobs
When you don’t have any boobs, your ribs stick out further than your chest, like this girl. I call this problem “rib boobs.” When you wear tight clothes it looks like your boobs are awkwardly in the middle of your torso. Oh, and if you aren’t built like a twig (which most of us aren’t), chances of your stomach sticking out farther than your boobs are pretty high too.

2. People mistake you for a 9 year old
9 yr oldYou get mistaken for being 9-years-old ALL THE TIME. Or worse… you see primary schoolers who have bigger boobs than you.

3. Bikini tops look awkward
Enough said.

4. Sticky bras don’t stick
sticky braDespite common belief, girls that don’t have boobs can’t wear sticky bras. First of all, the cups don’t fit. Second of all, there is absolutely nothing to hold them up, so backless shirts are a no go, unless you want to be really scandalous and go braless, which would really only make your boobs look even smaller.

5. Bandeau tops slide down
Bandeau topsSame with bandeau tops. You would think that bandeau tops are PERFECT for girls with no boobs, but they are not. This Forever 21 Geo Craze Bandeau might look good on this small-boobed model for the picture, but wait until she lifts up her arms. That thing will fall down in a second! No boobs = nothing for bandeau bras and tops to hold on to.

6. People refer to your boobs as mosquito bites
Yeah … awkward.

7. Push-up bras don’t work
push up braPush-up bras for girls with small boobs seem like a no-brainer, right? Wrong.
Girls with small boobs can’t wear push up bras! Even though they’re sold in AA and A, they don’t work. Think about it. There’s nothing to push! Sorry VS, no Bombshell Bras for us.

8. Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have your size
victoria's secret no sizeBra shopping is a huge hassle when you don’t have boobs. Either everything is sold out, or they don’t even sell your miniature size. Serious discrimination.
Take Victoria’s Secret for example. Ever shop in their store? You’ll see sizes B-DD, unless you’re SUPER lucky. Girls with no boobs are forced to shop in the PINK section, where everything looks and feels like it was made for a pre-teen. Oh wait…it was.

9. Chicken cutlets are your lifesavers
chicken cutletsIf you don’t have any boobs, you probably already know that Chicken Cutlets are the best things ever, or if you have a no-boobed friend you’ve probably heard her say, “Wait! I forgot to put in my chicken cutlets,” before you two left to go out.
They’re like the grown-up version of stuffing your bra. Stick these things in there and BAM! instant boobs. If you don’t have boobs, I suggest you get some of these NOW!

10. People you know with big boobs feel bad for you
big boobs feel badYour big boobed friends are constantly trying to make you feel better by saying things like:
“I wish I didn’t have boobs. They’re annoying.”
“Well…At least you have a butt.”
Or “Why don’t you get a boob job?”
They will just never understand the struggle.

SOURCE: She Finds