sadNow that you have your K.C.S.E results, everyone must be asking how you performed. Your friends and former class mates are busy asking you to share your results. Maybe you have not performed as you expected, or maybe you did your best but your friends have out-performed you.

You check your results against your friends, or even with your your older siblings, and you start feeling like you are worth nothing. One of the most damaging habits that can form is that of always comparing your own life to that of other people. It’s an easy trap to fall into and you can begin to think that it’s the only way of gauging your own life. The truth is, though, that people are so different from one another, that you simply can’t make an accurate comparison and trying to do so will probably only get you down. If you find yourself looking enviously at other people, then read these ten very good reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to others:

1. Comparing yourself to others distracts you from your own goals

When you compare yourself to others you will probably begin to try and emulate them. You might, for example, choose a career path because someone you know has done well and not because you are suited to that career.

2. You can’t change who you are

There are some things that you can change…you can change your clothes, you can change your hair, but you can’t change who you really are, deep down inside. Just because another person is an outgoing extrovert, that doesn’t mean that you can be the same and nor do you need to be.


3. Jealousy is not a nice feeling

When we talk about making comparison with other people, what we are really talking about is nothing more than jealousy, and that is not a nice feeling to have. Getting works up, because someone has something that you don’t, will eat you up inside and it’s not a particularly attractive trait to have either.

4. Comparing yourself to others can become a habit that is hard to break

If you are not careful comparing yourself to other people, it can become a habit that is very hard to break. It can start with your envy of just one person, but, before you know it, you can find yourself comparing yourself to everyone you meet.

5. You will not be making fair comparisons

When people make these comparisons, they are rarely looking at the other person as a whole. Instead, they only compare that person’s best attributes with their own worst. You might, for example, envy a rich person their money, but not know that they are really unhappy, because they have never found love in their lives.

6. People just aren’t all the same

Comparing people really is like comparing apples and oranges; they might be similar, but they are never the same. Everyone is made slightly different, they come from different backgrounds and they believe in different things, so it is impossible to say that one person is better than another.

7. Comparing yourself to others can cause you to lose friends

That envious streak in you could eventually lead you to losing some of your friends. Jealousy is not a quality that people like to see. Jealousy can make people appear bitter and unpleasant. If you let your jealousy show, then people will start to wonder what you really think of them too.

8. You should be focusing your efforts on you

Rather than worrying about other people so much, you should be looking at what you have and concentrating on looking after that. You simply can’t be another person, so constant comparisons with others will only lead to your own discontentment.

9. While comparing yourself to others, you are wasting your own time

If you have got into the habit of constantly comparing yourself to others, then you are probably wasting a huge amount of time doing it. You could spend hours a day looking enviously at other people’s Facebook profiles, or you could be doing something amazing yourself. Remember too, that what you see on Facebook is not a true and complete picture of a person’s entire life.

10. You will always be able to find someone who is better off than you

A person who does not have a car will envy a person who does and, a person who does have a car will envy the person who lives next door, because their car is bigger. There will always be someone who you think is better off than you, and there will always be many more that are a lot worse off too. Comparing yourself with others will be a never ending fight that you cannot win, so you might as well stop it now and make the most of your own life.

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