Once you take charge of your life :

  • Life seems easier
  • Life organizes itself
  • Confidence walks in
  1. Trust yourself to cook.

Trust yourself to cook instead of ordering.

Tafadhali ..Tafadhali... this starts when you are young.

Go to the kitchen and watch mum cook .

If you waited too long and you are in college ..

you better get a roomie who can cook so that they teach you .

Those chipo mwitu’s ,smokie pasuas ,Chapo smokies will cost you a husband in future lol!

And I haven’t said you cook food without flavor then you throw beef cubes and chicken cubes..royco ..pepper ..to make it tasty!

Nawajua !!! haha

At least that way you won’t be making excuses when auntie and uncle say they want to come over.

2.Get Rid Of Pests !

Be preemptive about ridding your living space of pests.

Please explain this to me ..

Yaani in your bed-sitter ..or your one /two-bedroom house … you have mendez …yet you can clean that house very easily

Leave alone mendez .. if you have bedbugs ! You have won the medal!

Many people can relate to this .. when you go to bed at night ..then you decide to go get something in the kitchen ..

When you just switch on the lights … you find many mendez doing the lipala dance on your kitchen counter!

Ala ! Shame on you .. haha.

Go buy some DOOM!

3.Stand and walk Upright !

Stand up straight.

Just to let you know ..

Your standing posture tells so much about you

If you are always walking as if umebeba a gunia of potatoes on your shoulders .. you better change that

When you are a cucu or a guka .. your head will probably as low as where your knees are…

Watch out!

4. Hit the Gym my sister and brother !

It’s very ironic that i’m the one telling people to hit the gym .haha

I know it’s a DIFFICULT …HARD task!

The problem is ..most of us want those bodies without manyamas hanging everywhere …

And the other problem is .. we were blessed by God with some very serious appetite.

Tebu try eating like the Kardashians tuone vile maisha itakupeleka haha.

But the truth is … NO PAIN ..NO GAIN ..

When you have that body … after hitting the gym ..Even Huddah will have nothing on you .

That crush that kataad you is gonna crawl back to you!

5.Work on that Anger Management.

You are those people who just get angry over .. NOTHING ..

From the time you leave the house ..

Unafuria conductor wa matatu!

You walk in town when ‘umekunjia kila mtu sura’ !

You go hitting people with your shoulders on the street ..


I know everyone has either come across these people .. or YOU are these people.

Courtesy and a smile on the face easily makes you feel like you have no worries.. even though ukona lorry imejaa mashida!

6. Don’t be a slave to your screens.

Get on those time management skills.

Many guys are just slaves to series.. I have gone straight to the point ..

Not anything else…series !

Umewatch Game Of Thrones latest.

“Naah I’m not going to bed right now .. Sijamaliza hii episode ”

And then after such a short night .. you wake up early to reply to your whatsapp texts ..

You literally wake up ..just to answer !! ..then you go back to bed !..

I see you, I know you relate to this ..

Try going out more .. get away from your screens for a while …

On your app ..at least be a bit unavailable.

Kwani huna kazi !!Your inbox is like ..

*12am – seen ..typing…

*2am-seen…typing …

*4am-seen..typing …

*6 FREAKING AM- SEEN…TYPING!…(btw this is when I wake up. I still find u)




7.Ask that person out that you’ve always been afraid of asking.

Most guys know that feeling you get when you ask her out and she says YES !

You start feeling like ‘superman’s gat nooothing on meee’

It might be scary at first .. but I mean ..

Will you die cause of trying ? ..

It will boost your confidence ..

Na hata akikataa .. yeye ndo hajui what she’s missing ..

8.Always check the weather before making plans.

Always check the weather before making plans.

If you wanna have a successful day ..

Please ..

Don’t arrange for a picnic at Paradise lost when the weather looks rainy ..


Unaita mtu …you jog in the sun ? .. even though hujatosheka na melanin?!

My dears ..

Don’t plan for a boat ride at Uhuru Park na unajua kutanyesha!

9.Keep away from your ex’s social media!.. Yes..I mean it ..haha

Some people are very happy with the invention of Instagram ,Facebook and Snapchat !

Now y’all stalkers can stalk without her/him finding out 🙂

It is healthy to keep away from that ..

You will seem like a desparado ..

You keep chambuaring the new mamas he has ..

You get jealous and you feel bad about yourself ..

Just move on ..and FORCE YOURSELF to imagine he no longer lives on Earth .. but he is in another distant planet .. eg. Neptune ..haha

10.Force yourself to go to bed at a reasonable hour ..

Yes.. I don’t know what people are usually doing up mausiku usiku ..

Like I said .. you are always available ..

Like i’m gonna say .. GO TO BED BROH!.

  • Who are you texting ? ..
  • What are you watching ?
  • What does your body think about all the strain ?

By 11pm .. your body parts probably wants to shout at you and give you a piece of their mind

  • Machotafadhali .. nifunge
  • MasikioI wish ningekuwa na mlango nijifunge!
  • MdomoAki please .. nimechoka !
  • Mind- I sullenda Kamau ! I sullendaaaa

Bottom line…be kind to yourself…love yourself enough to do the right things guys!

-Vanessa Wambui