young-African-American-coupleEven though you share a special bond with someone, that doesn’t always mean that they are boyfriend material. The crossover between someone who is a good friend and someone who is a boyfriend can be quite confusing sometimes, and the person who you are dating might be better as just a friend. If you are confused whether your boyfriend would be better as a friend, then read these ten signs that friendship would be better for the both of you.

1. You prefer to hang out in groups

If you prefer to go out in a group, rather than just the two of you, then this is a good sign that you might be more comfortable being friends. After all, most couples like to spend time alone with each other.

2. There are no sweet words between you

Most couples share tender moments and whisper sweet nothings to each other. If you don’t find yourself calling him by a pet name, or showing him your love, through your words, then this might well be no more than a friendship after all.

3. You talk openly about other dudes and chiqs

Friends will talk openly about people of the opposite sex that they find attractive, but couples don’t. Even if they do find another person attractive, they won’t talk about for fear of upsetting their partner.

4. You don’t make the effort for him

No one would say that a girl has to get all dressed up for her man every day, but most ladies do like to make an effort to look good for their love partner. With a friend, though, this is less important and you might feel quite happy going out with him in your old jeans and comfortable shoes. It’s not that you don’t care about how you look; it’s more that you don’t feel a need to attract the guy.

5. Neither of you feel any jealousy

Even the happiest and most stable of couples feel twangs of jealousy when their partner is spending too much time with people of the opposite sex. If you have become more friends than lovers, though, you will probably not even think about it and be perfectly happy that you both go out alone with other people.

6. He says ‘you’re my best friend’ more often than he says ‘I love you’

One of the easiest signs to notice is in how you talk to each other. Words like love may have gradually disappeared out of your conversations and you refer to treat each other as friends or buddies. It could be that you really care for one another, but that the words ‘I love you’ just don’t seem right somehow.

7. You have more laughs than romance in your relationship

We are not talking here about a relationship that is unhealthy or has gone sour; it is just on a different level than one of a boyfriend and girlfriend. You probably do have great times together, but they are never really romantic ones. When faced with a choice of a loud and rowdy bar, or a quiet romantic dinner for two, you will both opt for the fun night out, over the romantic one.

8. It doesn’t matter, if you have to cancel a date

You would normally feel disappointed if your partner can’t make a date but with a friend, it’s no big deal. In fact, you might even feel relieved and would rather spend that evening alone in front the TV anyway.

9. You don’t miss him, when he’s away

When couples have to spend time apart, they naturally miss each other and can’t wait to get back together again. But if friends are delayed for an extra day on a business trip, it doesn’t worry them at all. It might even be that you appreciate the time on your own, far more than you would if you were dating someone else.

10. There is no physical spark

If you are a couple, but would be better off as friends, then there is probably no real physical attraction between you. You may be intimate with one another on occasions, but neither of you really miss it, if you are not. This is quite probably one of the biggest signs that you have drifted from love, into the realms of just good friends.

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