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Ladies, we all dream of that Mr. Right; right? Sadly, no one is perfect so we will have to compromise. All the same, it doesn’t mean that there we should lower our standards; I’d like to believe that there are good men, opposed to the relationship clashes that we hear on Classic FM.  If my feeling indeed comes true, here are some of the points I’ll be looking for in a good man.

1. A good man will never pick apart your looks.

They say: ‘Love me how I am’. With all your flaws and imperfections, your man should never point out regrets concerning your appearance. “If only you had hips,” and such statements. Especially if he says it as a joke; trust me, he probably means it.

2. A good man will never invade your privacy.

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Boundaries are very important. If you can’t respect my personal space, you can’t respect me. This applies unless you have really grown together and you have been friends for a long time, caring less about whether he snoops in your phone since you probably have nothing to hide. However, if you are a new couple this is something you should never expect of him.

3. A good man will never discourage you.

He is supportive. As much as haters make us stronger, hate shouldn’t be coming from your man. However constructive criticism should be readily accepted.  A good man should stand by your side since he plays the part of being the other half.

4. A good man will recognize your value; he will not make you feel the need to prove it to him.

Sex is not necessary for a relationship to prosper. So if your guy is still asking you to have sex with him to prove your love, dump that guy! Refuse sex together with anything else that makes you uncomfortable.

5. A good man will never make you feel like an afterthought

One trashy ex of mine told me that he had 20 other ladies who want him but he had put them off just for me. There and then, I realized that I had to leave. Not because I am proud (which I acknowledge I am) but because I wasn’t a priority in his life; I was a choice. I insist, a good man WILL recognize your worth and treat you in accordance.

6. A good man will never make you feel like you are alone in the relationship.

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A relationship is like a two-way-traffic. It’s not up to you to do everything just to prove your love. He should also contribute as much as you are, to enable harmony. Here is where the debate on home chores comes in; whatever angle you look at it from, equality remains the baseline.

A good man will never cheat on you.

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And neither should you. If he does, then save you the trouble and choose to not be part of such an arrangement.

7. A good man will never avoid important conversations.

When you send that ‘We need to talk’ text to him, he should be willing to hear you out. A good man is willing to find a solution to all issues, and he will not avoid the topic.

8. A good man will NEVER abuse you.

Insults are heavy words that mean a lot. If I am your friend then cool, insult me all you can. However, when an insult comes about during an argument in the relationship… not cool bruh!

9. A good man will never disrespect you.

Respect is one of the principal qualities that ladies should look for in a man. If a man respects you, he’ll do all the above.

And guys before you start raging on comments, it’s important to know that I feel all these points equally apply to her too. Be good, guys.

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BY: Louisa Nungari