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breaking-up_liesBreaking up is hard to do and it’s even harder when you still love the other person. Not every relationship ends with fights and bad feelings, sometimes things are just not right, so you have to go your separate ways. If you find yourself in that painful position, then read these ten ways that you can make it easier to move on, even if you still love him:

1. Accept the fact that you have feelings for him

There is actually nothing wrong with you, just because you still have feelings for your ex. Many split and carry on caring for one another for years afterward. Just don’t let those feelings overwhelm you.

2. Let go of regrets and focus on the NOW instead

Another good tip on how to move on from your ex is this: try not to dwell on what could have been or what you should have done. There will be times when you think back to specific events, and think, if only…But, you can’t change the past, so focus on the now instead.

3. Allow yourself some ‘feeling blue’ time

Don’t be afraid to be sad about the situation. Breaking up with someone that you love is very much like bereavement, so you have to let the feelings come out, before you can begin to heal.

4. Don’t get back on the ore until you are ready

Next tip on how to move on from your ex is: don’t be tempted by your friends to go dating again until you are really ready. Many people will try and convince you to get out and meet new guys, but, if you do this too soon, you will not be happy and you may even feel guilty about it.

5. Don’t think of it as time wasted

Think about all the good things that there were about the relationship and don’t look at it as time wasted. You probably gained a great deal from your time together, so it has been far from a wasted period of your life.

6. There is no need to have a ceremonial bonfire in the garden, but you do need to put away the memories

When you are ready, but sooner rather than later, put away photos, keepsakes and all the memories that you have of him around your home. You don’t have to have a ceremonial bonfire in the garden though! Just put them in a box, out of the way somewhere, so that you don’t have the constant reminders.

7. Keep busy

Another great and helpful tip on how to move on from your ex is to simply keep busy. It’s sounds a bit of cliché, but if you put your mind to other things, it will keep you from dwelling on the past. Get out and see your friends, visit some relatives or busy yourself with a little home decorating.

8. Don’t call him!

Avoid the temptation to find excuses to call him or see him. You will only make the pain last for longer. A clean break is by far easier to deal with, in the long run, so get on with it and begin to think about building your new life.

9. Don’t pretend that you can be just friends, not yet anyway

It will be virtually impossible for you to be just friends with each other for some time. If you try, then you will just start thinking about a reunion again. It may be possible later, when you have both moved on, but give it some time first.

10. Don’t forget, it will get better!

People will say things like: ‘Don’t worry, you will meet someone else’, and that will seem really stupid right now. But, time is a great healer and, although their timing may not be great, they are right. You will move on and you will meet someone else, when you are ready.