After all is said and done, all dudes are essentially the same. There are some truths that cut across all men that chics have no idea of. Here’s some:


  1. Dudes lie- whether it’s a big or small lie, guys are sometimes forced sometimes so as not to hurt your feelings. Girls ask lots of questions and to a guy, most of them look like trick questions. When you ask your dude if he thinks one of your friends is hot, he will have to lie coz he senses a thunderstorm coming. Same goes for questions on weight, clothes and stuff.
  2. Some dudes do not understand the value of a good woman. You just have to let them be because frankly, there is nothing you can do about this type of guys. It takes maturity for a guy to know when a real woman comes into his life and to know that he should hold onto her.
  3. Dudes want a honnie who will be there for them and who will really care for them. Every guy wants a lady whom he’ll be able to tell everything and knows it is safe with her.
  4. Guys are not mind readers- They do not understand hints that ladies keep on dropping. If you want something, just say up front and don’t go on beating about the bush.
  5. Boys will always be boys- Whenever a hot woman passes by, it’s in only natural for a dude to check her out. Don’t take it personal, it’s not you.
  6. Granted, dudes love the thrill of the chase but that does not mean you overdo it. They get exhausted of dating just like chics do. The chase is supposed to be thrilling, not tiring!
  7. Not all guys think with their lower head as many ladies presume. In fact, most dudes reason logically and while a relationship might be emotionally good, they will see whether it has longevity and chose logic over emotions.
  8. Men want a woman has the characteristics of his mother. This is a universal truth. A dude’s mom is the female he spends most of his formative years with. She leaves a lasting imprint on his mind about the perfect female company because this is the woman he learns to live with. It does not matter if she’s a good or a bad mother, he learns to tolerate her.
  9. If a dude loves you, there’s no limit to what he’d do for you to make you happy. Nothing. But the love comes first. It’s best to cultivate that before making demands.
  10. If you got a mouth louder than a ship’s honk then chances are a guy will sleep with you then leave you at home. He will not want you to meet his mates or relatives and if you can’t meet none of those coz of your never ending chatter, you won’t be stay long.