It is not sufficient to be a dude. You must become an “idea”. Ladies are attracted to ideas, & not dudes. Here are 10 things to remember when you go about hitting on the girls;T9-Cover1. Connect. Genuine connection with another person should serve as the basis of your game. It doesn’t matter how good your vibes are if you can’t achieve a genuine connection.

2. Positive. Always work to increase the positivity of interactions, and strive to improve the emotions of the people around you. Trying to hurt people only destroys your own value.

3. Now. The immediate moment, the “now” is always more important than any previous moment. Never allow yourself to get stuck in previous moments during the pickup, regardless of what happened. If your last pickup experience was horrible, it’s ok, accept that and move on.T9 Mistake 7

4. Idea. It is not sufficient to be a dude. You must become an “idea”. Chiqs are attracted to ideas, not guys. Once you determine what YOU stand for, your “idea”, make EVERY SINGLE element of your game congruent to that. Everything you do, say, how you dress, your mannerisms, your techniques should serve to reinforce that “idea”. Any deviation from your “idea” is a leak in your game that needs to be fixed. This accounts for why some techniques work for some people and not others.

5. Reveal. When using techniques and routines, you must communicate yourself through the techniques, not hide behind them. Many guys got into the game because they had a fear of letting chiqs see the real them. Routines and techniques have become a very convenient veil that they could hide behind. Don’t let this happen.

6. Value. Demonstrations of value should flow naturally from the reality of your life. Value is built, not fabricated.time

7. Vibe. Value is largely perceived as a vibe which is sensed on a subconscious level. How long does it take you to figure out if you like a person or not? 1 minute? 30 seconds? Some of my most memorable relationships came from 1-3 minute number closes.

8. Focus. The nature of your thoughts is the first determinant of your outcome. Your mental “focus” always takes precedence over structure. Never sacrifice your focus in order to follow a generic linear path.

9. Spontaneous. Life is unpredictable. Contingencies always come up. Since chiqs will pay attention to your reactions in all kinds of different situations, your game is only as good as your spontaneous conversation and behaviours.manwoman

10. Time. Time is irrelevant to pick up. If you spent 30 minutes with a chiq, but the last 5 were boring, you would have been better off venue changing / getting a number at the 25 minute mark. If you have a problem with flaking, you don’t need to spend more time, you need to improve your vibe.

Summary: Use your time wisely. Be positive, spontaneous, focused, in the “now”; connect, vibe, reveal your real value, and become an idea in her mind.

By The T9 Playa