Model There are some things that every woman would want her guy to know but she knows she can’t force them into his head.

Girls have a lot of stuff they would want dudes to know but how to make them understand this is always an up-hill task.  This article is like an open letter to all the dudes. These 11 things will help you as a dude to understand chiqs better.

A chivalrous man is a damn hot man!

Which lady wouldn’t want to be treated like a queen? And not only for a day but everyday? A guy who takes his time to open car doors for you, pull your chair for you… true we have our own hands and we can open our own car doors, but when you do it for us it makes us feel loved and cared for and a caring guy is a hot guy. #Truth

Please learn to read between the moods

We do get mood swings and most of the time it’s all about passing on a message. If we had talked about something and agreed on it and then you forget and do nothing about it, it shows that you don’t care so my moods are for a reason. If you have the habit of forgetting, please jot down reminders because it pisses the hell out of us when you don’t remember simple things especially since remembering doesn’t cost a thing! If I’m in a happy mood, know that you are doing well and don’t work over time to ruin it. When something is bothering us, lend us your ears and not your advice unless we’ve asked for it.

A man with a fashion sense is like a pot of diamonds

Ladies love beautiful things so you can imagine the number of beautiful things we have in our possession…but forget about those. There can never be a better accessory than my man walking right beside me looking all stylish and all other women looking and appreciating God’s creation (read, you). It’s a win-win for both of us and we both earn points. I get bragging rights and you get an ego boost!

Oh and that white clean vest you wear underneath your shirt makes you almost edible!

A guy who smells good is all of a sudden so attractive

Just like a bee will be attracted to a flower, a woman will be attracted to a guy wearing nice cologne. Forget looks, a good smell on you speaks volumes and might even increase your chances of getting laid.

Expressing your feelings doesn’t make you soft it makes you hot

When you just nod and then walk away, makes us feel really bad. You always complain that we nag when we are just trying to communicate but with you not responding appropriately hence we always look like we are shouting at you. Do talk back to us. Don’t just shrug and then go complain to your friends about how we love picking fights! Let us know how you are feeling and whatever is on your mind because you also matter and you need to be heard.

Appreciating what I do will make me less of a “nag”

We love it when you notice what we do especially for you. Not noticing means you don’t appreciate hence forcing us to pick unnecessary fights again. Appreciating that we have a new hairdo, which I did for the sole, purpose of impressing you, makes us happy. Appreciating that I made your fave meal will assure me that you don’t enjoy it elsewhere every other day.

Cheating on me only makes both of us look bad

Just the way it would hurt your ego if we went around telling everybody about ‘your size’ it hurts when the lady from next door looks at us and whispers something mean about you being a skirt chaser and me being an idiot for sticking by you. And your other “side chick is just having fun knowing that there’s a lady lame enough (me) to have accepted on dating you and thinking you are an idiot for letting her have a pleasant ride until you both get caught

The chic flicks we want you to watch have a message for you

Whenever we insist that you watch a movie like “No Good Deed ” we want you to see how Idris Elba changes his womanizing ways to chase just one girl suffering from Parkinson disease and tries to get her to fall in love with him and how he becomes a changed man because of wanting to be with her so badly. #Hint! Hint!

I like the slow lane, please respect that!

Just because we’ve been on a couple of dates already doesn’t mean we have to jump in the sack! We are patient when it comes to bedroom matters. We want to make sure that you are just not in it for the bedroom games and then you’re on the next jet out of earth! Believe it or not, when we are ready for you, you will be the first to know…and you’ll just know it.

Safe sex is way enjoyable

We hate having to panic every month before we get our period. That feeling actually sucks! And that door to the VCT counselor’s office freaks the hell out of us. Safe sex is hot and enjoyable and it’s even hotter when you initiate the ‘safe’ bit of it.

Oh that getting us drunk so that you get laid move is so lame. We already know if we’ll be with you so that move goes unappreciated.

That performance anxiety…we experience it too

So when it’s not going to “happen” tonight due to unavoidable circumstances, I’m concerned too. I’m worried that I don’t turn you on anymore, I’m worried that it might affect you so much when you think that you’ve disappointed me, I’m worried that I suck in the sack etc…so lets just talk about it! You know, take the bull by the horns, as it will be a load off both our chests!

Oh and when we are not in the mood it’s nothing to do with you and it certainly doesn’t mean that you should move on to the next one!

Have a good one

Muthoni Wachira

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