Elise Gitau

Elise Gitau is an Australian born Kenyan gymnast whose beauty and courage has already put her on the map at a very young age. Elise started showing interest in being a gymnast at the age of three and has since participated in state and national championships from 2017. Elise and her team won the 1st place at the state trial in 2018 and then went forward to win the state championship in 2019.

Elise Gitau with her gymnastics medals

Elise narrates, “The sport has been able to shape the most important aspects of my life as I have been able to live a highly active lifestyle up to now. I have been able to exploit my talent which would otherwise go unnoticed. Gymnastics has shaped and actually changed my life.”

Elise does not only enjoy Gymnastics, but the exposure on the stage has helped her explore other interests in performing arts. In 2019 Elise was listed on the Celebrity Experience finalists after auditioning as an actor. As a finalist, Elise became a member of the Celebrity Experience and has undertaken her online training ready for the final Audition in Hollywood in August 2021. She is also an online Teen TV and Film student at Tafta Productions. Elise hopes to advance a career in performing arts in TV and film.

Her caring and loving nature for the community and its environment has led her to find a way to get to engage with people while giving back to those vulnerable in the society. This year, she auditioned and has been listed as the Miss Pre-Teen Australia International Vic finalist. She’s currently working on her Miss pre-teen platform to raise funds for seriously ill children. She is also sponsoring 3 children in Kenya where her grandparents own a private primary school called Nyawai Academy.

As a contestant, Elise hopes to grow her awareness and engagement in the community to help her one day start an education sponsorship program for other children in the world. While not busy, Elise loves baking, vlogging and Traveling and has traveled to many countries around the world such as, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, USA, Thailand, Singapore, and has been to Kenya many times.


As Elise learns the discipline required through regular attendance in gymnastic and online classes, she will continue to harness the abilities and the opportunity to be able to self-express and communicate effectively with people of her age, work as a team and engage with adults, thereby honing her work ethics and social skills. Engaging with other gymnastic kids who are either as talented as she is or are on the come up, continues to help her learn how to follow directions, speak with the required etiquette, and respect others.