1. Those moments when you sneak something into the supermarket trolley wanting mum not to see it till you reach the counter .lol!

Then you make sure it’s down theeereee… chini ya tissue papers and unga ya ugali haha!

Even grown kids still do this.Yes you!

I see you.


2. When mum or dad meets ‘mama nani’ on the street …

Wololo! These are the times you wish you took the other route.Amaa you got there like 10mins later after ‘mama nani‘ had gone!

Wanaongoeaaa… wanaongeaaaaa…wanacheka..wanaaongeaaaaaaa …wanacheka….

By that time you are looking at everyone badly.

Trying to give her the signal that you ‘gats to go’

But she doesn’t see anything haha!


3. Those times when mum is on the phone with a relative then she’s like ,”Eeh tukona yeye ,unataka kumwongelesha ?”haha

You feel like you wanna die cause of the amount of effort you will have to put into that conversation.


4. This is always the most awkward moment .

Mpaka guys pretend to be texting ,while others act like njaa imewashika all of a sudden ,they slowly creep into the kitchen,haha.


5. Guys have that tendency that they can never use their cash if their folks are there.


Even if you are to add 100 bob … you tell mum huna.

I feel you bro ..times are tough.Clearly. haha

Kwanza if you are like me born and raised the traditional way .. hakuna kitu kama allowance.

“Allowance ya nini?Si unaishi kwa nyumba yangu?”


6. If you have those cucus and gukas that tetea you to mum.

You are blessed!lol


7. Big up to those mums ,

You ask her if she’s bought milk.

Kumbe ni grenade umetishia!


8. Shout out to all the bros and sisters who do you this favor ,withstanding the horrible suicidal stench and all!

Still bring you the tissue that you didn’t realize hakuna ..till after you finished pooing.

You always have someone to answer your cries for help:


9. I cannot fail to mention the times when we fight for the tv!

Huyu anataka ‘Papa Shirandula’ but me I want Nickelodeon.

So you go stand in front of the screen lol!

Hakuna mtu atawatch basi.

Or the times when you wanna go to the washrooms but you don’t want someone to change the station.

Unatoka ki’ninja na remote.


You learn the nuances of technology:

You learn how to handle situations like an adult:


10. There is always that one seat that everyone likes sitting on.

And today you secured it.

So you decide to go to the kitchen  to look for something to eat.

Ukirudi you find your bro sitted on it.And for sure you will not let him take it without a fight.

What do we all decide.. mkalie kwa kichwa bana!

You learn to never give up what you hold so dear:


11. The funnest part of having a sibling is fighting over the front seat!

Acha nikuambie!

The acrobatics that usually happen in that car…lol.

By the time the winner has been crowned , the whole car is stuffy.

Majasho bana!

You learn to fight for what you believe in:


12. When at home ,I think everyone has experienced this.

Kwanza if your house is constantly following the Kenyan diet ,githeri..ugali...rice…chapo on Saturday ..then back to githeri again.

You usually hide the good stuff that mum brings ama you store that kuku in the fridge.

Making sure that everyone knows ni yako.

You even do it late night when guys are done eating and all.

Kumbe kuna kamtu kanaibanga mausikuusiku!

People with many siblings like me are the worst.

You cant tell if it was Kamau or Mungai ama Wanjiku cause all of them are laughing at you.

You learn to control your rage:


Family will always have your back no matter what 🙂 

More than that boyfriend you like so much.

More than that girlfriend you adore.

More than most friends.

They say ,’Blood is thicker than water.’ 

-Vanessa Wambui