Having friends is an important part of life. We need people to be there for us when we go through rough times, to celebrate our accomplishments with us, and to just hang out! (sings) I get by with a little help from my frieeeeeends. Friends are our allies when the world turns against us. Friendship takes sacrifice and loyalty, but it’s always worth the work you put into it.

Sometimes, though, you can get the vibe that you’re getting on your friends’ nerves. It’s a horrible feeling! True friends will be with you through the thick and thin, but that doesn’t mean you don’t annoy them sometimes (just like they annoy you sometimes!). You also want to be aware if you’re doing things that are driving them crazy. We’ve all had that friend that isn’t picking up on social cues or always brings the energy down, but what if that person is you? *gasp* NOT GOOD. On the bright side, if you know you’re personality is grating, you can adjust your behavior to make life easier on the people around you. It’s not the end of the world.

1. They don’t invite you out, and act shady about it.


It’s a horrible feeling, but if your friends are hanging out without you all the time, it may be because they think you’re being annoying. Maybe you’re bringing in a negative energy or acting too needy. Whatever the case, this isn’t a good sign.

2.When you start telling your friend about your issues with so-and-so, they let out a big sigh.

It’s fine if you have the occasional issue with someone. But if you’re the type of person who is having conflict with person after person after person, your frie

nds might start getting annoyed. It might be hard to hear, but the problem may be YOU.

3. They are always waiting for you because you’re late.friend 2

It’s totally fine if you’re running late every once in a while. However, if you’re that friend that everyone has to wait twenty minutes for EVERY TIME, people are going to start to get annoyed.

4. You can see them locking eyes with each other while you’re talking.fr

They could be silently communicating their shared exhaustion over you.

5. The don’t text you back.friend

f you text your friends and you have to wait days for a response (or don’t get a response at all), they might need a little space from you.

6. They make a face when you start complaining about something.

If you’re the type of person who tends to complain a lot, it might start to grate on your friends. If you start tearing apart the restaurant your group decided to go to and your friends start looking like they’re going to explode, they might be getting annoyed!

7. They don’t seem to like when you tell long stories.

If your friends look like they’re starting to fall asleep every time you start talking about that one time on summer vacation, your stories might be annoying. It’s always good to listen just as much as you talk!

8. They tell you that you need to stop doing ___.

It’s hard to confront your friends about things, so if they’re telling you that something you’re doing is bothering them, they really mean it. Instead of getting defensive, try to take what they’re saying to heart.

9. They don’t come to you with their problems.

If your friends used to come with you to vent about their stuff but don’t anymore, they might not think you’re a good listener. Be aware of the way that you act when other people are being vulnerable with you.

10. You heard they were talking behind your back.

First of all, this is NOT COOL. But secondly, this is a sign that your friend is annoyed with you can doesn’t know how to talk to you about it. Being upfront with them and asking if anything is going on between you two might clear it up.

11. They jokingly make comments about your behavior.

Some people aren’t mature enough to come and and say what is bothering them, so instead they might “joke” about it. Even if they’re just kidding, there is probably a lot of truth behind it.

12. They try not to sit next to you when the group is hanging out.

friend 4

If you notice that people are jumping to sit next to you at a party or when you go out to dinner, you might have some annoying tendencies. (OR YOUR FRIENDS MIGHT JUST BE NOT NICE PEOPLE.) It can be hard to differentiate between the two!