work.4991363.2.flat550x550075f.african-american-coupleHave you ever wondered what a guy thinks? If given a chance to take a peek into his mind, would you? Ever wondered what are some of those little secrets they keep that they wish you as a chic knew? Well, worry no more as I take a look at some of the 12 things that will help you read his mind better:

1. Do not judge us too quickly when we look at other chics. We are not cheating but rather just looking!
2. We have a bad memory hence tend to forget things more often than not. Our bad!
3. Alert us when it is ‘that time of the month’ since we aren’t ready to withstand your wild mood swings.
4. Well, if you are not ready to hear the truth we’d rather wish you do not ask the question.
5. We love the way you are, do not overdo your make-up please!
6. Responding to us with words such as ‘Fine’ or ‘Whatever’ in a heated argument is not considered acceptable.
7. Crying in our presence is not only a bad idea but also makes us impotent.
8. We are not mind-readers so make yourselves clear when explaining something-be straight to the point.
9. We do not need to hear stories about your ex or past relationship(s); keep them to yourselves!
10. At times we spend too much time on football/video games the same way you do on make-up.
11. Make us laugh and we will not mind hanging around with you.

12. And for those of us old enough to legally drink (yaani Mututho-Legal)… that we drink does not mean we are alcoholics; we just want to enjoy ourselves without any hang-ups.

By David Ng’ang’a

Pix: Internet

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