man-thinkingUs guys have lots of thoughts that we keep to ourselves, and we just can’t seem to say them out loud. Here are 12 things teen guys think but never say.

1. “Why Is She Wearing So Much Makeup?”

I mean makeup’s great and all; it covers up imperfections but seriously, CALM DOWN with the 6 tonnes of makeup plastered on your face.
2. “I Love You”

We can think this about a girl we like or maybe our mother, but it’s better left unsaid so that our masculine side remains intact. Hey, just because we don’t say it, doesn’t mean we don’t mean it…
3. “I’m so Jealous”

Nobody likes a jealous person, but we all feel a bit jealous on the inside sometimes, that’s just the way it works. We will never admit to being jealous though, because we all want to be perfection.
4. “That Dress Really Isn’t Nice…”

It could be the most disgusting dress ever, but we’re always going to tell you it looks great on you. All because we’re just that nice.

5. “You Really Aren’t Funny, At All”

We all have a friend that thinks he’s a comedian and constantly tries to make us laugh. We’re always going to smirk at his/her jokes, but on the inside we just really want them to shut up.
6. “I Don’t Feel Well”

We’re men, we don’t get sick! Well, unfortunately we do, but on our quest to be the alpha male we have to be tough and act tougher. Grr…
7. “I Miss My Ex”

If you ask any male what they think of their ex, they’ll most likely spurt out some terrifying insults about them. We don’t actually hate them, in fact we actually miss them quite a lot.
8. “I’m Terrified”

We just don’t like admitting to being scared sh*****s. It’s about self pride, and trying to be the alpha male like I said in no.6. It’s all about pretending you’re brave when you’re actually scared, ssshhhhh…
9. “I’m Broke”

We all like to try and be the big shot, splashing the cash every chance we get, but most of us don’t have a steady source of income, although we make it seem like we’re loaded.
10. “I Think I’m Falling For Your Friend”

This probably isn’t the best thing to say to your girlfriend. The thought has occurred to some of us and it makes us feel a tad guilty… But if she doesn’t know about it then she can’t get hurt, and that’s all good.
11. “I Don’t Like Being With Your Family”

This could be spending time with our girlfriends family or just a friend, but when family members are present things just get a little awkward and tensions seem to run higher than usual. Not fun.
12. “I Need Some Time To Myself”

If we tell our friends we don’t want to go out because we want to be alone, we’re going to get slagged to bits. We all appreciate some alone time even if we don’t like telling other people, but don’t tell anyone I said that.

Source: Teen Times