So yeah, the madam boss herself apparently just got hitched, but hold up, we smell a rat!

Her children were not spotted anywhere in the ‘wedding’, neither are any of her family members….so what is going on exactly?!


Here’s our theory, Akothee must have been shooting a music video for one of her tracks. Knowing madam boss, she would have done a more lavish wedding, and her wedding gown would be banging to say the least.

Check out the pictures she posted in what can only be described as one of her publicity stunts, Well done Akothee, well done!

13531921_1081728225240145_652772246_n 13551687_1746703878939853_2048636094_n 13551697_1058069120927011_2113573541_n 13557230_1764417943802589_783259690_n 13561792_571218486372129_1436216464_n 13561816_522801934579164_1947989762_n 13561976_1027980073952781_1579768373_n 13584062_995172753923956_644786434_nIf y’all recall,she did the same thing just before she released the video for her hit track Sweet love!