“Hey, I am Hannah. Hannah Baker…”

The above words are very familiar to any netizen, especially after the ad for “13 Reasons Why” ran on Youtube for almost a whole month. Some have gone ahead, watched the movie, most have. Experts argue that the movie is non-helpful to viewers who might be having depressions. In The Insyder Magazine June issue, Sheila Otieno from LCVR criticized the series saying, “The show made suicide look quick, like it was an easy way out. It depicted her death as a relaxing process, like she was just going to sleep.”

Well, it’s now emerging that 13 Reasons Why has inspired many suicide cases, and still does. Just like the infamous-now-banned game ‘Blue Whale Challenge’, the viewers of this show are teens and young people in their early twenties. A 23-year-old man in Peru jumped from the fourth floor of their house, and was pronounced dead upon arrival at their local hospital. He couldn’t stand a heartbreak, so he took his life and left behind tapes, just like Hannah Baker.

It’s time parents were on high alert. The current generation is prone to so much pressure, hence the increased number of depression and suicide cases. With shows like 13 Reasons Why already blamed on for deaths, the problem might be here with us, sooner than we expect.