This is what we call brains at work. The young lad by the name Taylor Rosenthal is well on his way to greatness at only 14 years old. He is a young entrepreneur behind the startup RecMed, which he launched in 2015 and is already generating a buzz. Taylor believes in his dream so much that he has already rejected a $30 million offer to buy his idea.

His business is a vending machine that dispenses first aid products and wants it to be a main feature in highly crowded sporting and amusement parks. Rosenthal said he wants to pursue a future in business and joining college will help him do that.

Taylor 2

Clarinda Jones was Rosenthal’s teacher in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy class and had this to say “It has been amazing watching Taylor grow over the past year into this confident and amazing business man,” she said. “Even with all of his success, he remains humble and ready to help others. He’s just 14. Bill Gates should be worried.”