bagsHand bags are part of us, we cant do without them. Imagine how awkward it would be, walking in town without that part of you. How does it feel? Naked? Empty?

We all know how notorious our handbags are among the rest of humanity, as a sort of black holes, sucking in basically everything we touch. We know this is not true but we reluctantly admit sometimes that there’s too much stuff in our handbag, and half of it is rubbish we don’t need to carry every day. But there are things that we do need to carry around, no matter what. Here are some of them:

1. Mints 

Fresh breath is unquestionably a necessity but chewing gum has questionable qualities. For one thing, chewing won’t do anything for that ladylike look you’re after. For another, it can give you cramps in your jaws, if you chew particularly hard, and that could happen if you get annoyed or angry. Mint gives you fresh breath and makes you look cool.

2. Makeup bag

Instead of having everything scatted in your your bag, why not have a small bag that houses your make-up. A bag within A bag. Yes.

Of course, if you do not use any makeup on a daily basis, you can skip this one.

3. Concealer

Concealer is a must carry. This goes inside the small bag, the make-up bag. A concealer is always good to have close by. Pimples don’t warn you before they pop out, not to mention little rash outbreaks or a couple of red spots where your skin is particularly sensitive.

4. Lipstick

This also goes inside the small bag. It goes without saying but let’s say it anyway, so you’re not left with the impression that we list it all and forget the lipstick. So, make space for your preferred shade of lipstick, a shade that would go with different outfits, because it will not leave your handbag.

5. Perfume

It doesn’t matter if you sprayed yourself when you left the house. This is also a good addition to the makeup bag. Sometimes a dab of your favorite scent is what can take the pressure off in the middle of a hectic day. It’s true, don’t underestimate your nose.

6. Hand wash 

Even if you have a totally desk job, there will be times when you won’t have quick access to water, such as when traveling from and to home. And the amount of dirt you encounter on the street is unbelievable. So, carry a tube of hand wash.

7. Hand cream

Having said that, unless your job requires that you’re constantly on the go, you will have access to water, at least, for parts of the day. Washing your hands regularly is good in terms of cleanliness but it’s bad in terms of skin hydration, so be prepared and pack your hand cream in.

8. Hairbands and bobby pins

If you have long hair and it’s combined with a dynamic job, then chances are at some point during the day you’ll want to pull it back. You decide what are your preferred means of doing that and get your handbag equipped with them.

9. Cash

Carry some cash in your bag, just enough to be able to get home from wherever you are or grab a bite for lunch. Or, unfortunately, if your wallet gets stolen. It won’t work if your whole bag gets snatched, we admit, so keep it close.

10. Nail polish

Slip a bottle of the colour that you are wearing when you go out because accidents happen. Or better still, if you’ve made some complex design, try for a bottle of clear polish and read our tips for quick broken nail fixes.

11. A book

For the long ride on the underground/bus/whatever means of public transport you use or if you have to stand in a long queue, or wait for a doctor’s appointment. There’s nothing better than a good book for those dull times, it can make time fly and will spare you a lot of anxiety and annoyance.

12. Painkillers

That should actually go without saying too. We’re brittle, sensitive beings and we often get headaches when we haven’t slept well, haven’t had a good breakfast, or have just too much work to do over a short period of time.

13. Pen and paper 

Yes, seriously. You may feel very attached to your phone but it works with a battery and that battery can die unexpectedly, if you don’t always keep a close eye on it. Then you’ll find you need to write something down. That’s when the paper and pen are for.

14. Mirror

This could go in the makeup bag but if it’s already full, keep it separately. A woman without a mirror in her bag is a half-blind woman. What if there’s a piece of salad stuck between your teeth and you can’t feel it? What if some part of your makeup got ruined by the rain/snow/smog/wind? Just keep a compact mirror in your bag for such emergencies.

15. Sunglasses

Not just for sunny days. Sometimes the weather behaves like a nervous teenager and the sun lurks behind the clouds ready to come out and start shining directly in your face. Then there are those days when you’ve been staring at the computer screen for hours and your eyes couldn’t do without a break. Have a special pair of sunglasses for your purse.

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