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Tools to make you a better hustler
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Resources to make you a better hustler


It’s all too easy for entrepreneurs to keep their noses down, focusing on the day-to-day hustle. Taking a brake once in a while can bring major benefits, especially when it comes to expanding your knowledge and skills.

Here are the first 9 places you should be looking to learn new things about your chosen industry, as well as different aspects of running a business.

Blogs: These are free and they provide really insightful information most of the time. You can learn everything from how to use social media, marketing your business, to the latest news in your industry. Not every blog is awesome, so when you find one that delivers real value, bookmark it or subscribe to it. Here are a few you might find useful:

  1. Search Engine Land: This one has a diversity of entrepreneur-related content, as well as insightful, breaking news and analysis regarding search-engine marketing. Learn more about Search Marketing & Search Engines here.
  2. Small Business Trends: It has hands-on how-to advice. It is aimed directly at small-business owners. News, Tips and Advice about Small Business Trends Click Here
  3. Social Media Examiner: If you do your own marketing, this is the blog for you. It teaches all the possibilities social media has to offer. Learn more about Social Media Examiner.

Whitepapers and eBooks. Looking for a little more knowledge than a blog post can provide? Whitepapers and eBooks go in-depth on a topic and can be consumed quickly. Some are free (just expect to have to provide your email address to access them), while others are pretty cheap.

  1. QuickSprout: Here you’ll find personal expertise from world-renowned marketing expert and extremely successful entrepreneur, Neil Patel. Here is the blog by Neil Patel.
  2. HubSpot: The company’s giveaways might be more popular than their marketing software. Current offerings include eBooks on Facebook marketing, SEO and content marketing. Learn more from Hub Spot.
  3. Kindle Unlimited: If you’re an avid reader, Amazon’s new service can help you digest more digital books without paying full price. Follow this link.
Hustler tools
Tools to make you a better hustler

Webinars. Everyone learns differently. If you like videos and interacting with your teachers, look for online webinars, both live and recorded, as valuable teaching tools. Again, some of these will be free, but the real value will be found in the ones that charge even a nominal fee.

  1. Google Hangouts: Search for whatever you want to learn more about and join a Hangout on Air. The Hangouts are recorded and posted to YouTube, in case you miss the live stream. Learn more about Google+ Hangouts.
  2. BizLaunch: This Company hosts regular free webinars for entrepreneurs on topics such as email marketing, SEO and social media. Small business Training.
  3. SCORE: Here you’ll find excellent information on the basics, such as how to start a non-profit or negotiate a commercial lease. Learn more about Score.

While I listed general small-business and entrepreneur resources, you can also look for Twitter chats, eBooks and webinars in your own industry. Look for industry associations and organizations that may offer free or for-a-fee educational content.

Watch out for part two of the resources you can use to make yourself a better entrepreneur.

By Jayson DeMers, Founder and CEO, Audience Bloom