Finally the Bosschick is back! Cmon y’all missed her. For two weeks Huddah went silent on her social media handles causing her fans and critics to question her whereabouts.

I mean if her last post two weeks ago courtesy of an IG pic taken in the business class section of an airplane. What would you think? You can never trust these business trips, you know! But today she is back. Boom! She posted earlier on explaining to her fans where she was and why she went quiet.

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She came back in style announcing the RED AVENUE PARTY to be held in Kampala to celebrate their Independence Day. The event powered by Ciroc will make an average Kenyan go berzerk since it costs 1 Million Ugandan Shillings which is like KShs. 28,700 for VVIP  and KShs. 850  for the kawa crowd!

Hows that for a return!

Gustav Gaviria a.k.a. GG