2021 KCSE Examination
2021 KCSE Exam Timetable

The 2021 KCSE Examination s are fast approaching. After a difficult school year that has been constantly disrupted and even threatened by the ongoing pandemic, candidates are finally breathing a sigh of relief as they finally seem set to do their exams starting in March. Most candidates were really anxious last year after the ministry of education weighed in on the option of cancelling the whole school year. That would have meant that the candidates would have waited another full school year before sitting for their exams.

Here is the 2021 KCSE Examination Timetable:2021 KCSE Examination Timetable

However, the ministry of education has now assured students that they will actually be starting their final exams on 8th of March. Even though it a positive for some students, the 2021 KCSE Examination s are going to be a tough hurdle for many. Going by the national tests that were recently administered by the ministry of education, there has been mass failures across the country owing to the effects of the pandemic. It makes the circumstances around this year’s national exams really special.


It raises the concerns of, “will the ministry be forced to carry out massive moderation in order to avoid a countrywide failure by students?” Many would argue its justified based on the various factors that have interrupted learning in this academic year. Or should the this year’s KCSE Examination s simply be tested moderately to give as many students as possible a chance to pass their exams? Either way, only time can tell!