Social Media bigwig Xtiandela

                                   All work and… no money!

Have you noticed that ours is a generation where people who are  ‘not working’ earn more than people who are  sweating it out? Well, this may be a misconception. However, he truth is that  current entrepreneurs are earning, not because they spend energy and lots of cash to get something done but, simply because of opportunities! Talking of opportunities, you do not have to look further than the internet.The internet has revolutionized entrepreneurship (in the truest form of that statement). Here are five jobs that never existed but are now ‘full time’ jobs, thanks to the internet.

  1. Social media manager.

Consider a bank, or a politician. The latter needs clients and the former needs voters. These two, however, are not very familiar with social media. Banks have old men and women at the helm, while most of these politicians are pretty aged as well. But most of the investors and voters are of this young age, always on facebook, whatsapp, twitter, Instagram et al. So these two need somebody to manage their social media pages for them. As in, if a politician goes for a harambee and ‘becomes sufficiently philanthropic’,  then his/her facebook page should have a screaming line like ‘Met with Jitegemee Youth Group today and helped raise 2 million for their projects’. It is a vote hunting spree, nothing close to philanthropy… and this is where the ‘social media manager’ comes in. his work is to ensure the boss’s social media is abuzz. Of late, banks have taken the cue

  1. Social media influencer

We all know Xtiandela. We even follow him on twitter and Instagram and sometimes develop follow trains dubbed, “#Gainwithxtiandela”. He has become a bigwig that gets invites to TV shows. Well, what’s the one outstanding thing about Xtiandella? He developed a mammoth loyal following online, kept them abreast and…started collecting cheques! Just like that. Like Dela, we have other young guys who have huge following on social media, attracting even corporates to use them in advertising their new products and upcoming events. The cliche ‘smiling all the way to the bank’ became a reality with the coming of internet. All you need to have is a huge social media following then just sleep, wake up and tweet about a given product as scheduled, then go back to sleep then wake up and go to the bank. Simple.

Social Media bigwig Xtiandela
Social Media bigwig Xtiandela


3. Bloggers

A blogger can have a site, separate from social media, where he/she rants about some stuff. Like politics. We have political bloggers. As the country gears towards election, bloggers are busy attacking the opposition. And you know what, a blogger is in most cases young, passionate about something but most importantly, after money. If you lose a blogger to the other camp, you lose big time because the public raises its eyebrows. Renowned bloggers in Kenya include Robert Alai, Cyprian Nyakundi and Jim Bonnie. But we then have non-controversial bloggers. Writers, like bikozulu. They write creative stories for an audience that is waiting, and their sites are always having adverts which earn them lots of money.

4. Socialites

Wait, who is a socialite? What makes one? And do we have kids out there who want to be socialites ‘when they grow up’? A socialite is someone like Verah Sidika, or Huddah Monroe. Or even Zari Hassan (she was a socialite, right?). Internet gave birth to socialites. It then brought them up. They pose nude, deliberately leak their sex-tapes and do all nasty things that make them garner massive following on social media. Then they are ‘Bosschick’. Before you know it, they are in the VIP lounge in the biggest events. They are launching clothing-lines, perfumes and landing deals left, right and center.



Huddah Monroe (right) and Verah Sidika (left)
Huddah Monroe (right) and Verah Sidika (left)
  1. Web designer.

This is perhaps the most engaging task of all listed. A web designer does what his/her name suggests, design websites for people for a fee.