Makueni Boys
Makueni Boys High School Entrance | Phot: Courtesy

Makueni Boys High School was forced to suspend all the candidates after the students went on rampage demanding that the administration to stop forcing them to shave. This came just days after students of Moi Girls Eldoret also went on rampage over alleged cases of harassment from the principal. This is just a highlight of the heightened level of indiscipline that is now threatening to spread in schools across the country. Many fear that it might eventually become a trend where students opt for chaos when their demands aren’t met or the administrations demand don’t sit well with them. Its high time the ministry stepped in with new policies to curb this menace.

Makueni Boys High School principal, Mr Raphael Katana confirmed that about 20 students were indefinitely suspended after they refused to get the mandatory monthly hair cut. The students who are all candidates (form fours), became rowdy and started throwing stones at the staff including the principal who escaped with minor injuries. The Friday night riot was just a sign of the threat that out of control students can pose.

The students went on rampage after they were ordered to shave their hair and beards by the school principal. The principal’s attempt to intervene resulted in him sustaining injuries and unable to contain the chaotic scene that followed. “We shave our students every month, all the students in other classes got their haircuts, but the Form Fours refused, as per the Ministry of Education guidelines. We sent all of them home because they became rowdy, “ said Katana.


The Makueni Boys High School management then resorted to suspending all the candidate students to avoid massive destruction of property and harm to other students that might have resulted. The county police commander Joseph Ole Napeiyan also weighed in on the matter condemning the incident. He also added that the incident put the school on the national spotlight in a bad way.