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Why are guys obsessed with boobs? What do they reeeally look for in a relationship? And what do they think of all those selfies you post on social media?” Those are just a few of the many questions we want answers to but don’t really have the guts to ask. Instead of cutting to the chase, we over-analyse every word spoken, every text, and gesture made from the other species we call guys. We’ll probably never really understand guys, and they will most likely never understand us either. Regardless of this, we’re still curious to know what goes on in their brains. Here are 27 questions that girls secretly wish they could ask guys.

1. What do you notice about a girl first?

2. What makes you want to date someone?

3. What’s your favourite quality in a girl?

4. What’s your idea of a perfect date?

5. What’s a deal-breaker when talking to a girl you’re interested in?


6. What makes you crazy about a girl?

7. What characteristics make a girl “girlfriend” material?

8. What’s one thing you wish girls knew?

9. What’s the best gift you ever received from a girl?

10. What do you think about girls who filter all their pictures on social media?


11. Does it mean you don’t like me if you don’t Snapchat me back?

12. How do you define “beauty”?

13. What is key for a successful relationship?

14. Can guys and girls be “just friends” without deeper feelings?

15. What would you describe as clingy?


16. How much texting is too much when in a relationship?

17. When do you tell a girl you love her?

18. Do guys really care about what girls wear?

19. What do you find the most intimidating about girls?

20. What are your thoughts on selfies?


21. What types of girls do you like the least?

22. What’s the most hurtful thing a girl can tell a guy?

23. Where do guys go to for relationship advice?

24. Thoughts on PDA?

25. What do you think about periods?

26. What do you think girls over-react about the most?

27. Describe your dream girl.