slyvanus osoro

Sylvanus Osoro’s life is a perfect example of resilience and determination paying off. His is a story of dealing with life’s blows and making lemonade from lemons. Those who know him now as the CEO of pitchface Marketing Division might think he’s a fresh graduate whose super grades earned him the position but that is not the case.

Osoro has had to endure many hardships stemming from his parent’s death when he was a kid which made him relocate from his hometown, Kisii, to Nairobi to stay with an uncle. Things took yet another turn when his uncle was got jailed, bringing his good life to a sticky end seeing as his uncle’s wife could not support him.

The sun might have been willing to shine in his direction, however, when an another uncle who worked at a tea factory at Kericho took him in but life there was characterized by empty stomach and spiteful treatment from his relatives who had only taken him up so as to feast on his father’s terminal benefits. He sailed through primary school but when he got into high school at Kapsabet Boys, he had to drop out after the first year due to lack of school fees. He went to work at the tea factory where his uncle was the supervisor but met more frustration as his uncle pocketed his dues making him to go back to Kisii where he tried another shot at education which turned out just as futile. He got into hawking and trained as a welder. He cites this as an important part of his life when he learned the basic skills of entrepreneurship which he says do not change on whatever level.

Luckily, he got a scholarship at Hill Secondary School where he finished sat for his KCSE and lacking university fees, he was out on the streets again. This time, though, he landed a job as an untrained teacher with a salary of 2500 which he used to enroll for a CPA course and completed but no job was forthcoming so he went back to hustling this time choosing newspapers and second hand clothes from which he made good money and relocated to Molo where his uncle gave him a mortorcycle to try his hand at the boda boda trade. But this stroke was not to last for long as post election violence struck and he was forced to flee to Nairobi.

After many months of job hunting, he got a salesman job with Places and Faces in Westalands which dealt with fast moving consumer goods. His efforts paid off when he was appointed manager of the Nyeri branch. By this time, he had learned enough lessons on entrepreneurship and was ready to face all deterrents and when the company roped off, he opened his own PitchFace Marketing Division at Meru where he trained school leavers on Marketing and made an initial profit of 500000. He now has more than 200 staff leaving off him and by his own admission, can give a 50 million loan without feeling the pinch.

Osoro’s journey is yet another proof that determination pays off and it pays off big. From  a school drop out to a millionaire, it might just seem an extraordinary leap, which it is, but given the hardships he has had to go through, it’s a deserved win.