After the usual “waaaassaaaaffiii and dah, “Maybach Music” first obvious thing that came up is “black bottle boys” from Rick Ross himself. Directed by Mr. Moe Musa, you will definitely expect a lot from the video.

So there goes a huge-a** mansion that looks like heaven, with a pool of girls who look like anti-KFCB. Yes! You must watch it to know what I am talking about. If this was a Kenyan-made video, it would not last a day without Ezekiel Mutua calling it off, but hey!

A lot of Bellaire lyric every now and then that I could barely get the lyrics right. We are guessing Rick Ross already recruited Chibu.

And we go like waka waka waka waka..”- at least i got that right. Besides that is the name of the jam anyway- Waka.

That would maybe expalain why there are so many bottles of Bellaire,aye?

Bellaire here, Bellaire there,” yeap that is a lot of advertising going on in there.

Some twerking here and there from the vixens at the pool…waka waka waka waka!I cannot help but whisper out loud the hook. You will do the same once you watch it, if you have not already.

There is a bar setting with beautiful vixens dancing while sipping champagne making Chibu look like a KingPin.

All in all the rhythm is epic, the blend between the two is natural and they surely brought their A-game.

Waka Waka!Ha! It is stuck in my head.

Out of 5stars, I would give them a

By Obigwa


19years old