At least 80% of Kenyans have gotten to see their music video ‘we’ll be okay…The video is full drama and a lot of romance essence. But if one truly gets to see the video you’d ask yourself are they dating?

So that’s the prime question that keeps on lingering in our minds. Timmy T-Dat and Kush Tracey were once dating and then the next minute you hear about their break up.

Allegedly,Kush Tracey complained of Timmy being too violent on her. If that is the case, I am thinking no one would date a violent person. But who knows maybe he is changed man or maybe it was all grapevine.

Back to the video, we need an answer for this so as to get the satisfaction of whether Dela and Timmy really are dating.

Kush Tracey, in an interview with Ghafla, said that she was okay with Timmy even after their break-up. They still work together and everything is normal. On the other hand, Timmy, in an interview with Radio Citizen, he says it’s been long since they had a conversation with Kush Tracey. He moved on and he doesn’t miss Kush Tracey at all.

So then,Is Dela his new catch?

Well, we will just have to wait for their announcement.

In the interview, Timmy goes on to praise Dela and describes her as an able woman. “The collaboration turned out to leave many Kenyans with question marks,” Timmy reiterated.

On the other hand, in an interview with Hot 96, Dela said that there’s nothing going on between them. She added that it’s all about music and it will always be about music.

You have to watch their undeniable chemistry here.

By Klyann Moraa

Ongata Rongai Senior School

18years old