Christmas in Kenya is always celebrated in style. Thanks to social media, KOT can give us some snippets of what went down during the remembrance of Christs birth. Here are some of the epic memories from yesterday.

Remember this?

Seth Gor decided to go all the way for this one

X-mas kula na watu indeed!

Do you agree with her?

Some wishes from Mr. President and his deputy

Oh, yes the man behind the mournning of the boychild in this year’s KCSE results.

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Bahati tena… and his wife.

From Western Kenya with love.

It is in the blood,aye?

KICC was definitely lit!

He spent what? For what?


This one went overboard.

Oh, is he dating now?

Come on!

And a selfie,just because…

It was indeed a merry one!