Job Interview ImageLanding a job in the Kenyan job market is no easy task, it requires candidates with a strong will and desire to grow. It requires job seekers who will go the extra mile to stand out among fellow job seekers. Getting a job at entry level (0-2 Years) can even be more difficult, especially because this is where job seekers will make the most mistakes in their applications. If your are not getting jobs, it could be because of the following;

1. You are applying to managerial positions or jobs with 3+ years experience
Most entry level job seekers are quick to see the figures in the job advert; if it’s good they apply, if not they just pass on to the next one.

More often that not, these jobs ask for more experience than what is in your CV, but because you really want to start making money fast, you send your applications to try your luck. It does not work like this.

Employers will look to see if you have met their exact requirements, so when they come across your 1 or 2 years experience, they’ll move along to the next candidate. Always apply to a job you are fully qualified for.

2. You have been blacklisted by Human Resource or a Recruitment Firm
However this sounds to you, it does happen. Company HR and recruitment firms come across large numbers of applications for every open position and if your CV and Cover Letter are a joke, then they black list you from future considerations.

Job Interview

Why? Because employers are looking to hire serious candidates; people who take the effort to be polite in their emails, to tailor their CVs and Cover Letters for the position they are applying for, people who care about the small details.

To increase your chances in getting hired, take time to go through your applications and understand the message they communicate.

3. You come out as someone who doesn’t know what they want
Do you think you know what you want in your career? If you do, prove it to the hiring team. Applying to different positions in the same company may look like the best thing to do; if you don’t get one, you can get the other. However, this is not entirely the case.

A recruiting firm or HR department of a company will see you as someone who do not really know what they want, and may not consider you for any of the positions.

Getting a job at entry level is not rosy, you probably will not get a good salary but at least you’ll have the experience needed in today’s job market. If you can’t get a job, start off in volunteering.

Selipha is a Communication Officer at Corporate Staffing Services, a leading Recruitment firm that offers free CV Placement & Career Advice. If you have any career queries, contact