Welcome to the weekend blanket book club!

Lots of mystery, plot twists and curiosity, these are books that will keep you cushioned inside your blankets in a timeless dream world, hooked to the story line and holding your breath. It’s the perfect way to spend your boring and idle social distancing days.

White Rabbit

Author: Caleb Roehrig

“We need to talk…” That hits a different nerve especially when it’s coming from your ex. Then add a murder to it? That’s probably the ultimate definition of “most dreadful day I ever had.” Rufus Holt finds himself encountering both ordeals on the same day! April, his sister calls him for help just before having that ‘talk’ and when they go to see her, she’s standing beside her dead boyfriend while holding a knife! Now, Rufus will have to question a lot of things and learn not to trust a lot of people as he tries to clear his sister’s name. It’s a mystery that you can’t predict the end right from the onset.

Like Never and Always 

Author: Ann Aguirre

What if you woke up in a hospital after a horrible accident and everybody keeps on calling you the name of your best friend? Well, Liv is surprised when people start calling her Morgan (her best friend) when she wakes up and she can’t understand what’s going on. When she looks at the mirror, it’s Morgan’s face looking back at her! Finding herself thrust into Morgan’s world, she finds out some deep and dark secrets that will leave her with some tough truths to bear and crazy decisions to make. Truly, a person’s secrets doesn’t die with them.


Sweet Black Waves

Author: Kristina Perez

Fantasy, family secrets, and forbidden romance, ooouuu! When the fate of two warring communities clashes with love and family history, it becomes a twisting tale of mysteries and secrets that will end up dividing families. Years after the murder of Branwen’s parents, she coincidentally saves the life of an enemy. This puts her at the epicenter of a conflict as her own love story clashes with the interests of the people she cherishes the most.