So now word has it that we going digital+ coz being plainly digital is just not enough.3D tat

Everything nowadays gets an update every hour with the latest development reported in art work, tattoos to be specific. The trend changes so fast that you can get a tattoo removed just as easily as you would have had it printed on you.

Pushed by the urge to look awesome, tattoo artists have gone a notch higher. Now introducing 3D tattoos. I almost run out of my pal’s birthday party when she walked out of the house looking like she had just been attacked by a vampire or something.

3d TatttooThe shades of red depicting blood were so neatly done you would think it was actually flowing. To add injury to my frustrations, the teeth engraved on her neck looked so real I nearly thought there must have been a toothless burger somewhere in that house, my woes had just begun.

So I make myself comfortable in the house, while getting to acquaint myself to the party guys, the dendais. I was in the zone. All this time my pal had disappeared into the multi-roomed house.

An hour later, my friend with a couple of her pals walked into the lounge. All wielding nicely done art works on their feet and necks. I found myself in a secluded part of the house with my host, intending to find out where they had had their stickers done. I actually though they are body papers (wallpaper is to wall as body paper is to body) All this time too afraid to come near her.colored-3d-butterfly-leg-tattoo

So she dropped me the bombshell, these were 3D tattoos. They were so nicely done that they would pass to the naked eye as an actual picture. Drawn on one of them was a butterfly, at one point, I actually thought there was a butterfly resting on that dendais leg!!!!!

So now I am left to wonder, coz at some point in time one will be required to be neat and presentable…what will happen to my pal and her 3D neck tat???

I tend to wonder more, now; when one seeks to remove that tattoo…do they simply erase it using an eraser (rubber)???

By: Malasi