Braids do not have to be just the cliché over used styles of just an up-do or falling free. You can do so much with your braids in terms of styling without having to make an extra trip to the salon. Below are 4 easy DIYs you can do at home. They look awesome and won’t cost you a shilling!!

Style 1: The Waterfall
Style 1-waterfallStart by getting the center of the back of your head. Loosely twist the braids. As you get to the ends you may have to bring the twist forward so that you can get to twist till the ends. Hold the end and bring it to the center of your head, use a clip to secure it in place. Remember not to pull or make it very tight. The beauty of this style is that it looks loose, like a waterfall. But will not fall apart as you go about your business.

Style 2: The Side Croissant
Style 2-Side croissantStart by collecting all your braids to one side of your head. Any side will do, choose the side you are comfortable braiding from. Divide the braids into two lots and twist then together, till the ends. Take the end and fold it over till the top center of your head. Remember to use as many pins as you feel in necessary to secure the ‘croissant’ in place.

Style 3: Pippi
Style 3-PipiThis is based on the cartoon ‘Pipi Longsticking’. Although a scruffy girl, her style was always one to marvel at. This style shows an easy going nature as well as fun! First, split your braids in half; right and left sides of your head (as if you want to tie ‘pussy-cat’). Let these lie on either side of your head. If you lean your head as you braid, after the split you can hold the side you are not working on with a hair band so that they don’t mix. You want a clean finish. Starting at the top of your head, like a plait (but twist) small chunks together as you down the length. After all the roots are secure in the twist, divide the twist into 3 and plait it for the remaining length till the tips. To ensure it doesn’t come undone, fold the tip back into the braid from the back. Repeat this for the other half of your head.

Style 4: Nefertiti
Style 4-NefertitiQueen Nefertiti was declared one of the most beautiful women of her time. Always pristine and her style always clean cut. She had a long neck rather than disguise it, she accentuated it with the long crown, or top of the head up-do. Here’s is how to imitate this gorgeous queen’s style with your braids. Taking three quarters of your braids from the top of your head, till past the center, arrange them in a high bun and secure the bun with a hairband. Take the braids around the hairband, as you twist them on themselves and hold them in place with another thin hairband. Now, remember you left a few braids at the back of your head? Take these in small chunks to the bun you have created already. Note that you have to alternate sides, if your first chunk is from the right half of your head, direct it to the left of the center bun, if it is at the left, direct it to the right. Do this till all the braids are part of the bun. Secure the end by tucking them into the bun.

By Zahra and