The modern era of digital natives would be unimaginable without the existence of photography or the ingenuity of Joseph Nicephore Niepce, the father of heliography. Pictures have become a crucial part of our existence and the preservation of our history. Pictures have become an unimaginable bank of emotions, memories, evidence and history.

The game-changing technology that has spurred the growth of photography has also contributed to the shaping of the modern culture that is intensely being driven by virtual interactions within the digital space.

Selfies, portraits and boudoir photography have emerged as heavy players when it comes to staying edgy within this digital space that is heavily constituted of social media platforms. 

Fortunately, the increased demand for quality content to quench this social media thirst has also created employment avenues for creative but unemployed youth around the country. Young individuals are now taking it upon themselves to learn the art of photography and provide employment opportunities for themselves.

With immense resources from Youtube and online masterclasses, it’s become easier than ever to learn photography in addition to the schools that offer courses on the same within the country.

This career path has grown rapidly among the youth especially being fueled by the social media demand among the same youth. This has made the competition even stiffer with some youth coming out above the rest when it comes to capturing brilliant and artistic portraits. 

Caleb Okumu 

Caleb Okumu is one of the most promising young upcoming photographers that are taking the creative scene by storm. He has a special interest in fashion and portrait photography, which is also drawn from his interests in street style and youth culture.

His journey has been a tough one especially considering that he rose the ranks at a time when street photography had suffered a huge blow in the eyes of the public. However, his level of quality and passion for his art has sieved him out from the rest. He has emerged as a front runner when it comes to leading new trends within the creative space. 

Slum Photography 

Biko Macoins, popularly known for his award-winning photography platform, Slum Photography, is one of the most passionate and creative photographers in Kenya with a really inspiring motive behind his lens.

Having been raised in Kibera, one of the biggest slums in the country, he has dedicated a huge part of his venture in photography to change people’s lives by telling the inside story of the slums through his lens. His immense creativity and ingenuity behind the lens have won him several awards including the most influential photographer in Africa’s Social Media Awards in 2015.

In 2016, he also won both the modern technology category and the overall contest at the Agility Photography Awards. He is currently working on a project to document similarities, differences and overall uniqueness of African culture to educate the next generation of Africans through photography.

His photography trip across Africa will be aimed at tackling various issues like mental health, youth unemployment, teenage pregnancy and challenges being faced by the LGBTQ community across Africa. 

You can donate to his initiative through Gofundme. Link on his Instagram bio.  


He is probably one of the most celebrated young creatives in the country currently. Tintseh, as he is popularly known, has grown from being a regular street photographer to working with some of the biggest names within the industry.

His journey is an inspiration to many young creatives in the city who have followed in his footsteps and worked so hard to match his level of quality. He has diversified his niche from street photography when he was a rookie to focusing on Portraits, Urbanscape, Travel and Lifestyle photography. He has travelled across the world at such a young age capturing moments and working with other world-class creatives like Slum Photography.

Some of the cities where he has conducted his projects include Kampala, Kigali, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Dubai. Tintseh has proved to the upcoming generation that it can be done, being one of the few active pioneers of urban photography who still exist within the creative industry. 


Enjoying one of the largest fan bases on social media for a photographer, he can’t be left out of this list. Kevin Buo has created one of the most adored photography brands within the country, even earning him trust from some of the country’s top celebrities like Octopizzo, Eric Omondi,Barak Jaccuzi, Andrew Kibe, Naiboi and The Kansoul.

Kevin Buo has risen to become the topmost sought after celebrity photographer who is mainly focused on creating some amazing and iconic portraits.

Even though he is not popularly known for doing outdoor projects, he works mostly with clients to customise projects that are aimed at achieving their particular desires.