asadYou don’t have to dress in screaming neon bright colors to get noticed. Dark shades are still on fashion and one way you can give the attire life is by rocking chunky wear like necklaces, knit sweaters, head scarves and bulk hairstyles. These fab pieces will add understated elegance to your outfit.

1. Chunky neck pieces.

We have now evolved from the era of rocking humongous rings. We are now on to a new trend of chains and other types of neck pieces. But don’t get me wrong, we are not going back to the days of the hip hop group, ruff ryders, when they believed that the more the chains the more your balling. The neck piece throws in an edgy look to a simple outfit.


2. Knit sweaters.

These do not only have to be worn during cold seasons. Some are light and can be worn with the current weather situation with jeans or leggings. This style gives you a boho-chic look that will leave people turning heads.


3. Scarves.

It is that one item that seems to add bulk to your look. And shows you have class.

Try out the different fabrics and patterns.


4. Bulk hairstyles.

Colorful hair, dull hair can all look good when made in bulk. With the Kenyan hair addition companies such as Darling and Sister, you can rock that outstanding look with hairstyles such as

Natural Brazilian VIP, Mayfair and even long large sized braided hair that can be held up in buns.


5. Head scarves.

TRENDING! TRENDING! TRENDING! From bandanas, light floral material and tribal wear this look will most definitely glam you up. They are to tie bands and buns in different styles that just spices your look.


So don’t be afraid to look sophisticated and trendy. Dare to display the bulky looks that will speak volumes about your confident personality.

Louisa Nungari