Hair is more than just hair. It’s an extension of our personality and allows us to be ourselves. People enjoy changing their hairstyles and still look regular, but not our local and international celebrities who take their hairstyles to the next level. 2020 unleashed the inner beast of our celebrities to go all out with ‘modern’ hairstyles. Some are a hit while others…

Eric Omondi

Chris Brown is the king when it comes to dying his hair with all the colors of the rainbow! Well, not anymore! The popular Kenyan comedian–Eric Omondi, has never disappointed when it comes to trying out crazy hairstyles. 2020 was yet another year for him to rock his hair in different designs, shades, and colors. The comedian always comes out in a sharp hairstyle that gets everyone talking– from red-dyed hair to dreadlocks.


The gospel artist, Masterpiece, has a routine of rocking and owning his unique and edgy hair looks. The crazy hairstyles and colors always prove that crazy is not always bad. When you want inspiration on a crazy hairstyle that might still look good on you, you now know who to eye at.

Size 8

Size 8, on the other hand, had a long horn hairstyle to show off this year. Crazy hairstyles not being her thing, left many of her fans commenting and making a joke out of it. DJ Mo did not hold back in joining the ‘fan’ club towards her new hairstyle as well.

Hamisa Mobetto

The Tanzanian female singer and model has a different taste of style which she makes sure her hairstyles go so well with. For better or worse, she makes sure to try out any hairstyle that rocks well with her–be it a weave or braided hairdo, she makes sure to take the risk.


Justin Bieber

Going international, Justine Bieber showed off his wild pink hairstyle! This scratches out the beliefs of men not looking good in pink. His fresh new look had everyone talking about it and fans coming down with Bieber fever all over again.

As you look for your next hairstyle to rock with, don’t forget– the crazier the ‘better!’