Fashion is not just about looking good, it is a way of life. As the new season is starting it is time to put away the polo necks and heavy jumpers and get out the light coats, minis and crop tops!! Jamilla, a professional model, shares with us the top 5 looks for the new semester!

1. Cool Chiq: Cool ChiqYou always want to make a statement when people see you. Always remember first impressions are vital. This look not only shows pride and confidence, it also screams BOLD! Get a neutral top and shoes and pair it with a brilliant coloured mini. Remember to accessorize. These will complete and complement the look well.

2. Beanie Girl: Beanie GirlIf you are not a girlie girl, there are also some super looks for you. You do not just go super baggy, rhyme and match your colours. Most boys’ pallets are hues of grey, navy and black…but you glitz it up with a tagged top, or a bright beanie and shoes.

3. Professional Lady: Professional LadyIf you are just about to join college, there are some classes where you will have to make presentations. In these, many lecturers demand that you dress officially. This does not mean that you just go raid mum’s closet. Actually do shopping for it. Get something that fits properly and suits your body. You can get a cool dress or a peplum skirt suit like this. ACCESSORIZE!!! The shoes the bag you pick, the earrings, the hair. Just cause its formal don’t be boring! Own the look, make it yours, wean it to fit into your style

4. Sexy Chiq:Sexy Chiq “If you got it, flaunt it! If you don’t, disguise it!” advised our famous MP Orie Rogo Manduli. She always dressed to Kill!! Pick out that mini…it is the warm season after all. If it is a busy print, tone it down with a simple top. CONFIDENCE!! Strut down the hallways like you own the school. Confidence always makes you look 10 times sexier! Important to remember, choose a tasteful mini, two to three inches above the knee is HOT, beyond that you start looking trashy! Be comfortable in it.

5. Punk Gal: Punk Girlif you are not over the top girly, neither a tomboy, this look would work for you. Try fitting jeggings, a vest and on top of the vest a boyfriend shirt. This you can wrap up this look with b-ball sneakers and a beanie hat.

By Zahra