He's Avoiding YouWe all have that one guy we dream about; you need your friends around in order to prevent you from completely lose your mind whenever he passes by. It gets worse if he approaches and talks to you and it then uttering out simple syllables becomes as hard as speaking Slovakian.

Might you think that he’s giving you the cold shoulder? If so, here’s why:

  1. Shyness

Talk to him; say something to start up a conversation. You never know how much it would make him happy. Don’t ignore him; he really wants you to talk to him.

  1. He’s dating

It’s good to for your research; if he has a girlfriend, respect the boundary. Let him be.

  1. Too Nagy

If he is not into you don’t rub it in on him; you’ll be left with your dignity if you at least refrain from doing that. Avoid stalking him too; nobody ever got lucky from being an inspector gadget.

  1. He has different taste.

He loves sports cars, (going by a stereotype), and you’re just more into fashion. I’m not saying that it’s bad to be different, but if you have no common ground then he may not feel as interested as you hoped you would

  1. Trying too much

Ladies, do NOT dress to impress; dress to feel good about you. One thing a guy never notices is what you wore last night or the day before. If you dress up for him, my dear, you may end up feeling so much disappointment. Don’t risk it.

By: Janiana Wangare (Super Intern)