Yoga-Woman-The-TrentMost people have grown up knowing Yoga is a cult dance. So here’s a different perspective:

Yoga is a system of stretching and positional exercises derived from this discipline to promote good health, fitness, and control of the mind. It’s a discipline involving controlled breathing, prescribed body positions, and meditation, with the goal of attaining a state of deep spiritual insight and tranquility. 

Yoga is not for the yogis alone, you can also try it out. If you don’t feel motivate to try it out, it means then you don’t get the benefits of yoga. Here are some of the benefits that will give you the push to try & get…

Keeps you flexible

Yoga is partly like an exercise. With all the bending and stretching it kind of ‘opens you up.’ At first, it might seem hard to do basic steps such as reaching your toes but this gets easier with the more practice.

Increases your muscle strength

Helps build your muscles as you flex and relax them. This is a plus for you because it keeps away diseases such as Arthritis and fast aging.


Gives you peace of mind

Slows down your mental loops of emotions such as depression, fear, anger and frustration. This is a plus for you since stress is associated with very many chronic diseases.

Keeps you drug free

Some drugs give the same relief that yoga offers you. Some people when stressed run to sedatives and hallucinogens such as Marijuana. Yoga is very healthy practice that keeps you clean.

Connects you with guidance

Helps communicate with your inner-self using principles that you learn. In that, you are able to guide your steps and the decisions that you make. You can also get guidance from your yoga instructor in aspects of life and healthy living.
These are just some few reasons why you should try out for yoga today.  It’s a healthy practice that you should not try.

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