Keziah 1So you are probably wondering why your selfies were not uploaded for the #selfieweekend competition. Chances are you never followed the following instructions

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Only selfies are allowed.
Do we have to define it, lol. Selfies = pictures taken of oneself while holding the camera at arms length.

2. Follow the instructions.

The instructions are simple…
a)  Send your selfie followed by #SelfieWeekend, your name, your age and your hood/location. E.g. Your selfie #SelfieWeekend ,Charles Switch, 19, BuruBuru.
b) Submit your selfie via our WhatsApp Line: 0707 595657 only.

Do you know who won last week? Click here to see who won and the comments

3. Keep time.
All the selfies should be submitted on Saturday. Not any other day, unless you are requested by the admin.

4. Keep it Clean.
Keep your selfie, as clean as possible. No obscene selfies, no nude or semi nudes will be posted.

5. There is still next time.
If you have followed the above and your selfie is not posted, dont worry, we still have “next time”. All selfies  are kept in our database and are given FIRST priority.

Also note for your selfie to win, you have to get at-least 600 likes.