Often, you never notice when someone is taking you for granted until it is too late. Often you have already invested so much of your time, emotions, even money into that relationship. I know this may sound a little selfish, but you have to ensure that the love you give is reciprocated. A relationship is never a one way deal. Here are a few signs that he is taking you for granted

1. His pals, or family don know you
Don Know youThis sounds a bit naïve, but you really meant a lot to him, he wouldn’t shut up about you. If you love something, just think how much you talk about it, all your famo and pals know that you love it. But if it is just there, you rarely mention it. It is the same if none of his close people know of you, perhaps he just stringing you along for the stuff you do for him.

2. He often forgets about you
forget youSay you planned a lunch, he may forget or run dreadfully late. This also applies to missed calls and text. If you are not on his mind, he totally forgets to return these. There are times people get busy, but it should not happen 99% of the time.

3. Your faults are most prominent
faultsYou may have changed a lot for this boy, but these often go unnoticed. Then when an error does occur, he never forgets and often brings it up. He is often reminding you of your faults, but still wont let go of the relationship. A proper relationship is based on support, compromise and forgiveness. You should be your partner’s support, not the one that brings them down.

4. He is never satisfied with you
never satisfiedAdmittedly, in all relationships, sacrifices and compromises have to be made. You try your hardest to please him, but he is never content. Always questioning you and even worse belittling you. Yet through all this, they still expect more from you.

5. You feel you deserve better
deserve betterOften, you feel used in the relationship. In this relationship, your pride and self-worth have been broken. They often also make you feel useless and lesser in the relationship. You should not tolerate this.

Girl, you are awesome, a strong human and you should not let someone take advantage of you. He still sticking with you, meaning you have great things to offer. Do not waste them on someone who does not treat you like the queen you are; with love, respect and honour.

By Zahra