So there’s been a debate for quite some time now, many are wondering if one can really get addicted to something natural and sweet as sex. The public is familiar with alcohol, drug, food and gambling addictions but sex and porn addiction seems to baffle many.


Compulsive sexual behavior is a progressive intimacy disorder that describes a person who is who is unable to control his or her sexual urges. Many professionals compare it to addiction of weed, cocaine or heroin and see it as problem affecting our society now more than ever. Here are some signs that one maybe a sex addict:


1. Leading a Double Life

This is one of the most common signs but it doesn’t really make you an addict per se. You often find yourself living two different lives in order to hide your sexual lifestyle. There is compulsion to cheat on your partner you frequent strip clubs and watch a lot of porn. The thing is, if you are in relationship and you are hiding some of these behaviors then you should think things through and change something.

2. Difficulty in Personal Relationships 

Being in a relationship is usually awesome, at the beginning you’re connecting well with your partner and you’re having hopes of a bright future with them until the addiction kicks in and it causes withdrawal which also makes connecting hard. This is mostly because of the compulsion to continue to live the double life.

3. Constant Seeking Out Sexual Materials

You spend your day seeking out sexual material or at minimum being preoccupied with sexual fantasies. This makes a person unproductive at work or school it detaches you from the real world and your relationship ends up being affected.

4. Irresistible Sexual Urges Followed by Intense Negative Feeling

It is well known that sex releases a good feel chemical from our bodies that relaxes and is pleasing to the mind, body and spirit. Often there is a mixture of feelings of euphoria before and during sex followed by a feeling of emptiness and low self-esteem that comes with the addiction.

5. Intrusive Sex

Most people have sex with people and they find it fulfilling and amazing and they exchange the same feeling with their partners because it’s at the right time and with the right person. Intrusive sex brought mostly by the addiction is the opposite of that it comes close to rape because most of the times the other person has been forced to have sex. That is wrong and illegal.


Take a good look at yourself and really ask yourself if you are on the right track before you wreck your whole life. The above are not all the signs that you should look out for but if one of them raises a red flag then you should seek help or if you know a person suffering from the  same, help them get a reputable therapist who deals with compulsive behaviors or help them by being there and talking things out.

Story by CHUCK