As they say, “it starts in your mind.” So for one to be confident you need to look like one, simple steps in being confident are all you need. Here are some of the simple and easy ways to boost your confidence. black-male-teen-smiling

1. Personal hygiene
Nothing boosts confidence than walking around that you fresh, from how you smell, that fresh breathe kempt hair and having your nails done. You can face the world when you know that you are on point. Exercise as often as possible, it works in keeping you on point.
So simply take some time for personal hygiene. It will cost you nothing but the benefits will amaze you.

2. Dress confidence
Dress the way you want to be addressed. How you dress will determine how people perceive you. Picture yourself walking in a room dressed for the occasion, and everyone looks at you with that look that says yes,” you are on point.” It gives you an instant confidence boost. That is not limited to home clads, even your uniform need to be on point, press them if you can. Especially when going for a funkies, dress confidence.

3. Smile confidence
When engaging your friends or someone you’ve met, always boost your confidence, by smiling, this will put the other person you are talking to at ease. It is a simple act that will boost your confidence; the opposite will kill your confidence. A frowning face pushes people away and that steals your self – esteem. Smile show how confident you are and it could get you out of trouble.

4. Gaze confidence
How you look at someone has a subtle change but it works wonders on how people look at you. Don’t shy away, always look direct at the person you are talking to. It not only shows your confidence but it also shows that you respect them, acknowledge their presence and that you are interested in their conversation. No one wants to look rude.

5. Stay confident
The posture you hold will always show your level of confidence. A posture will show you are in charge or know what you are doing. Your shoulder back, spine straight and your chin up. People have respect for persons with confidence. No one will mess around with you once your confidence is built.woman-in-the-shower