The honiez are mysterious, mystical creatures and no matter how hard we may try, we will never fully figure them out. The female pysche is an ocean of untold secrets and enigmas that has left man scratching his head since the beginning of time, and wondering what he’s done wrong. But it’s not your fault, only galz understand galz. Without further ado here are a list of 5 things guys will NEVER understand about girls.

Girl Things Boys Dont Understand

1) “Why your eyebrows are so important”

I don’t understand your fixation on the two brown caterpillars on your forehead. Please don’t tell me some bullshit about how it frames your face or something like that, THEY’RE EYEBROWS DAMMIT.

2) “Why would you wear high heels if they don’t only make you taller but are also really uncomfortable”

I’m sorry but do you think we appreciate high heels, do you think we look at your painfully uncomfortable  shoes and think “wow those are a lovely pair of shoes.”

3) “What it’s like to be on your period”

I kinda imagine like a concentrated ball of fire in your stomach making you pissy at your boyfriend for no damn reason.

4) “Why say its okay when it’s not okay”

Why on earth would you say it’s okay when it’s not EFFING OKAY? Is this opposite day? Am I suppose to go all Sherlock Holmes and do some detective work and someone how figure out why you’re in a pissy mood?

5) “Why is weight such a sensitive subject”

I don’t know what the big deal is, you asked me how you looked in that dress, I TOLD you how you looked in the dress. How am I the bad guy here?

Written by Dafe Orugbo